Slow internet is not an option nowadays. In today’s world of social media, where everyone is crazy for Facebook, and Instagram and is hooked on watching enormous seasons present on Netflix, good internet service is all you need. This is where options like Xfinity Internet deals come in handy which have a variety of tiers to choose from and multiple packages that you could choose according to your usage with smooth and lag free access to internet.

If you wish to upgrade your Wi-Fiafterward, that can be done too. Meanwhile, to speed up your internet at home, this article is the best guide for you to do so.

This article contains a bunch of efficient ways for you to speed up your internet and enjoy all it has to offer in effective ways!

Let us dive in:

1.Your connection must be protected

There is always this possibility that someone may have access to your internet and they may be using it. This is what we hate the most.

In order to keep your connections secure and not accessible at all, make them protected with a password.

2.ETH cables are as important as they used to be

Wireless connections or Ethernet cables, which one is faster?

As the world has evolved and wireless connections are a thing now, Ethernet cables are still playing a quite good role in providing faster internet connection.

Even though the wireless connections provide flexibility and convenience, they are not always the best source for fast internet.

The only drawback that eth cables have is that you are bound to a specified location only. However, there are pros as well. A cable connection is said to be good for watching a lot of media content like movies, videos, etc. Cable connections are considered faster as they directly send in signals to the router rather than transmitting. Ethernet also tends to keep your personal as well as financial data safe and secure. On the other hand, Wi-Fi is a less secure one.

You can connect your Ethernet cable to devices like your laptop, television, and even yourPlayStation.

3.Don’t keep your router at rest

You must be familiar with the moving concept, right? When anything is blocking your way, you move it. Similarly, you need to move your router a bit to enhance its working. You may need to move other things too if they are blocking your way. Whether it is the door, the furniture, or the wall, you move it when you feel a blockage in the way.

When the router is moved physically, there is a good amount of change noticed in its working. It can help to get rid of slacking downloads and connections and freezing screens.

There is also a concept of creative cabling that can help you in getting your router in a better position. For this, leaving alone the less-essential ones, bring all your essential devices in one place together, like your laptops, computers, or gaming consoles.

You need to avoid electromagnetic devices like wireless keyboards, microwave ovens, etc.

In case of no flat surface, the router can be adjusted in a sloping kind of manner.

4.Router needs upgradation

You need to devise the reach of your wireless broadcast. A simple system for a smaller space and multiple systems for a broader network. Yes. You need to determine and upgrade your router settings according to the need of your space. If you have a big space, then setting up a router will be the best option rather than repeaters. For bigger networks, you can install multiple devices at distances.

The prices and functions vary according to the routers. Here are some routers and mesh network systems recommendations for you:

Mesh Systems:The Eero Wi-Fi System, NetgearOrbi System, and Nest Wi-Fi

Router:Netgear Nighthawk AX4 and AX8, and TP-Link AX6000


Let us discover whether restarting the router works or not.

To fix multiple computer problems, we reboot our system and it works quite well but according to the experts, it does not affect our internet speed.

Rebooting the system is a good fix but occasionally and in other situations, one can follow other tips available.

6.Wireless network extender

You can get a Wi-Fi extender. However,what is a Wi-Fi extender and how does it work?

A Wi-Fi extender is used to extend your Wi-Fi network coverage. You can connect this device with an extra wall socket and here you go, it extends your router’s network.

Direct signals from the router are more powerful than the repeated ones. A Wi-Fi extender is easier to set up, suitable, and eliminates any dead wireless network in your home. Just put it up in the right position and you are done!

You can make a great selection by determining your Wi-Fi and the kind of extender available for it. There are immaculate options available with amazing price ranges. The Netgear EX7300 and Linksys AC1900 are the most suitable working options available.


This article mentioned some of the most efficient ways to help you enhance your internet working. Now whether you need to binge-watch a Netflix series, post a summer photo dump on Instagram, or be involved in a community discussion on Facebook, faster internet is here for you to enjoy.