If you are like the thousands of other anime fans out there, then you know how frustrating it becomes to wait for your favourite show to come out on DVD or available online. The only problem is that many studios release shows at a snail’s pace, which can leave us waiting months before we get our fix. Thankfully, there are torrents out there that make watching anime as easy as streaming Netflix, and they don’t require any subscriptions! All we need to do is find them and start downloading them right away.

Torrents are free and legal:

Torrents are free and legal because they rely on PTP (peer to peer) technology which does not require any downloads. All you have to do is open your torrent client, search for a magnet link or upload the files that you already own and start playing them instantly! You can download pretty much anything from anime shows like Attack on Titan or One Punch Man to older classics such as Cowboy Bebop. Plus,  you can download them from any device, including your video game consoles, tablets, and smartphones.

Torrents are easy to use:

The great thing about torrenting is that you don’t have to configure a whole lot of things in order for it to work. You’ll be able to watch anime as soon as the show begins downloading, which makes this process much faster than traditional streaming methods. Plus, unlike paid services such as Netflix, there aren’t annoying ads interrupting your viewing experience every few minutes either.

Great Quality:

Not only do torrents save us time, but they also offer even better quality than the DVD versions. By downloading anime from a good source, we are able to watch shows in 1080p, if not higher! This makes for a fantastic viewing experience where you can see all of the details and colours without any blurriness or grainy textures, which is a prevalent torrent service like 1337x torrents. You don’t have to sacrifice resolution anymore when you use this method either because pretty much everything will be available online at high speeds so that our downloads go smoothly every single time.

Torrents give us more options:  

One problem with streaming services such as Netflix is that they can’t always be relied on to have the latest shows available. A lot of times, we find ourselves having to wait for an entire season or even a full year before it becomes available online! However, with torrents, there are no limitations in place which means you’ll never have to worry about being unable to watch your favourite show ever again since it will always be readily accessible whenever you want.

Torrents require fewer resources:  

Another great thing about torrenting anime instead of streaming them is that our computer won’t crash when trying to process those videos at once, as most people experience with streaming. We also don’t have to worry about how much data we are using when watching them because torrents require fewer resources which means our internet won’t slow down at all!

Saves time:

Torrents allow us to watch our favourite series in a matter of hours rather than waiting months for it to come out online. Just think about how many episodes we could get through if we used this method instead of streaming every week! This makes watching an entire season feel like less of a chore while still being able to keep up with the latest episodes. Moreover, if we have a hectic schedule, torrents make it possible to watch an entire series in one sitting instead of waiting each week like most people.

Using Torrents Keeps Anime Alive!:     

The last reason why using torrent sites is essential for fans has nothing to do with how fast it helps us watch our anime. There are many reasons to support this method, but the most important one is because it helps keep anime alive! When you go out and buy a copy of your favourite show on DVD, then that money goes back into making more episodes for fans to enjoy in the future. Support from other studios will be given as well, which means better quality shows down the road, so we should always look at torrents as a way to help keep anime going strong instead of something negative or evil like some people might think.

You can download anime in any language you want:

Another major advantage of using torrents is that you can download anime in any language or subtitles you want. Unlike streaming sites or services, there are no restrictions which mean we have more choices on how to watch our favourite shows! Plus, subtitles are a great way to learn a new language which can help you in the future for your job or even personal life.


If you love watching anime, then it is clear that using torrents to download shows is a fantastic idea. Just be sure to find the right sites and only download from legal sources, so you don’t get into any trouble for being an avid anime fan!