Every child at teenage has their interest and personal style. Thus, as you design their bedroom, you need to capture this and still ensure it fits with the rest of your home. Plus, it needs to be versatile to grow with them through the precious years they have to be at home. So, incorporate them into what you want to do with their room to avoid any disagreements on decorating. As long as you lay down the must-haves like using a quality birch mattress and quality beddings and some rules to adhere to, you can work with them. It is possible to help your teen come into their own with the following ideas for their bedrooms. 

Opt for smart storage 

Incorporating smart storage is an ideal way of how to decorate a space that grows with a person. Choose smart storage that offers grown-up décor on display, has motifs and fun prints to bring to life the neutral color palette and high-quality bedding. Optionally, you can mix bold prints within a general color scheme to ensure the details of the room look polished, like where you have sconces. 

Offer privacy 

Every teenager loves privacy. One way to enhance privacy is to give them extra curtains around their bed with the four-poster design. In this way, you allow them to enjoy their weekend morning sleep-ins, and it shows off a polished style. To match the four-poster curtain bed look, add a striped pillow and a zig-zag bed skirt to keep things youthful and add enough color, especially if the curtains are plain colors or white.

Keep the room simple  

Not all teenagers love posters, bright colors, and patterns. If your teen prefers neutral colors, bring in more dimensions with luxe bedding, fluffy carpet, and a unique bed frame. Plenty of natural light and indoor plants are a great addition to a simple bedroom look. However, if they want to add more décor or color later, it is always an option. But, if they opt to start with a solid base, it still works, and they can build upon it. 

Have fun with décor 

Where your teenager is into decorating their room, have fun doing it with them. Invest in classic staples, and have fun with accessories and artwork. It is easy to use this as you can swap them when you need a change, and they introduce as much personality as you need. For instance, you can decorate with printed upholstered headboards, a variety of throw pillows, and some modern sconces for a polished look and a sense of youthfulness to the room. For a more refined feel, frame the posters they want for it still makes them a spotlight. 

Go all out 

Choose to go all out, especially if your teen has a favorite color and knows what they want in their room. But still, know where to hit the balance and make it feel like something they want to sleep in as they grow older by choosing timeless fixtures and quality bedding. To bring in some warmth, layer different textures and add light and dimension by incorporating a gallery wall of mirrors. 

Make it hangout conducive

Throwing patterns together is easy, and clashing is fun. But aim to create a hangout space for when their friends come over. Use a trundle bed in the room with new upholstery. This allows them to have sleepovers with their friends. Add an egg chair instead of the usual work chairs to provide an extra place for them and friends to hand out. Plus, it adds a pop to the room.

To sum up, the above are some of the ideas you can try to incorporate in your teens’ room. Every teenager is different, and it is vital to consider their input to the room they want. Also, make organization easy with baskets and bins with labels on them. Consider the wallpaper they would love and put their hobbies on display if they love a specific one. More importantly, find a way to incorporate a workspace that is cozy and private. Plus, they can use it to do their school work and other stuff.