As more than 50 million daily active users are there on the Reddit platform, you are probably the one who also uses this platform on a regular basis. If so, you might be familiar with the issue of deleted posts on Reddit. It is really frustrating to notice some of your posts or other users’ posts get deleted or disappeared and you can not even access the post with the given URL. Whether it is caused by the moderator or administrator of Reddit or because of users’ rash decisions, it is definitely a sad thing for you to not access the Reddit posts, comments, or threads. Nevertheless, here we are to offer you some tricks so that you can know how to see deleted Reddit posts and messages. 

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Messages by Using Removeddit?

There is much available information that can be found to buy followers on Reddit. But unfortunately, about deleted Reddit posts there is not much information given. However, the best and most convenient way to see deleted Reddit posts and messages is through sing Removeddit. This is an unofficial service that stores Reddit posts in real-time on their website. This service finds out the missing posts from the Reddit API and gathers those posts on their own API. Hence, you can easily find out the deleted posts with the help of this service. However, to find out the deleted posts on Removeddit, you have to follow these steps-

1.Go to Removeddit’s Website:

Whenever you will not find any post on Reddit or forget the subreddit of the post, you can simply go to the website of Removeddit and scroll down to get the post. If this does not work for you, follow the next steps.

2.Replace the URL:

You can also replace with to use Removeddit. There are two distinct ways to use the URL replacement method, such as-

  • Replace with to discover the subreddit of a post.
  • Replace with to find out an individual post.

3.Use Bookmarklet:

You have to go to the “About” page on the website of Removeddit. There, you will find a big red button called Bookmarklet. Once you will find a deleted Reddit post or message, you have to tap the Bookmark button, and this will automatically redirect you to the post.

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Messages by Using Reveddit?

Reveddit is quite similar to Removeddit and you can follow similar methods to see the deleted Reddit posts and messages on Reveddit. The major facility with Reveddit is that you can search the posts here by the users’ names. In order to use the Reveddit, you can follow two main ways, such as-

1. Go to Reveddit’s Website:

After visiting the website of Reveddit, you have to put the username of the deleted post and you will get the post in the pop-up window.

2.Use Browser Extensions:

Another way to find out deleted Reddit posts on Reveddit is by using the Chrome Web Store page or the Firefox Browser Add-On page to find out ‘real-time reveddit’ on the page. Once you will install these extensions, you will automatically receive notifications regarding the deleted Reddit posts and messages.

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Messages by Using Wayback Machine?

Wayback Machine is for those who do not like to use different websites or bookmarks. Wayback Machine is such a global service that stores data from millions of websites and helps you to know and read the deleted posts in your need. However, to use this service for seeing deleted Reddit posts, you have to follow these steps-

  • A. First of all, go to in order to open the page of Wayback Machine.
  • Here, on the search bar, you have to put the subreddit of a specific post or the URL of the post.
  • Now, you have to tap the “browser History” button.
  • You can also make use of the calendar to find a post by date.

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Messages by Using Google Cache?

Google search engine also provides a reputed caching service through which you can find out the recently deleted posts. The steps to recover deleted Reddit posts and messages by using Google Cache are as follows-

  • Go to and search for the deleted Reddit post.
  • Once you will find the post on the search results, you have to tap on the downward-facing arrow below the post. 
  • A cascading list will appear where you need to tap the ‘cached’ button and you will be redirected to the particular Reddit post.

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments by Using Resavr?

If you are willing to see the deleted Reddit comments, Resavr can be a great tool for you. Nevertheless, you can only see the deleted posts and comments that are more than 650 characters. The following steps will help you to see the deleted post by using Resavr. 

  • First of all, visit the homepage of the Resavr.
  • Here, you can search a particular post by its title.
  • You can also use the ‘Recent Comments’ tab to search the recently deleted posts and comments.
  • From this site, you can also gather information about the date, time, and character length of the post and further use the information to find out about the post on other websites like Wayback Machine.

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Messages by Using Un-Delete Reddit Comments?

Un-Delete Reddit Comments also allow you to access and read the deleted Reddit posts and messages later. This Chrome extension does not actually help you to see deleted posts, instead, it allows you to save the posts and messages. Therefore, you can access the posts even if someone deletes the posts later. There are some simple steps to use this tool, such as

  • First of all, you have to install the extension.
  • Now, you have to search and open the particular Reddit post and tap the extension button. 
  • The extension will display the URL of the post below which you will find a Cache button. Tap the button to cache the Reddit post.
  • Whenever you want to restore the saved page, you have to tap the extension button.

Closing Statement:

From this article, you have come to know about some famous tricky methods to see the deleted Reddit posts and messages. So, there is no need to worry about deleted posts on Reddit when you can access them later. The best and most convenient way to access the deleted posts is by using Removeddit or the Wayback Machine. However, you can choose any above-stated method that is convenient for you.