Today, about 60% of B2C marketers generate content for their businesses.

Here are five types of content to add to your marketing efforts. With these types of marketing materials, you can reach more shoppers online.

Show off your experience and expertise! Get writing with these innovative marketing ideas today.

Blog Content

As you start exploring these different types of content you can create, consider testing the waters with blog content. Blog content is easy to create and engaging.

It can also benefit your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

SEO can help your website rank at the top of a search page.

When developing your killer content strategy, make sure to gather keyword and audience research first.

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You can create different videos, including testimonials, company culture, how-to, and product demo videos. Consider using social media to create killer content with live videos, too. You can host a Q&A session to offer your customers the information they need.

Thought Leadership

As you use these types of marketing materials, focus on providing valuable information over how many posts you create.Becoming a thought leader will boost your credibility.


If you created a long blog post that’s full of interesting stats recently, reformat it into an infographic. Adding infographics to your marketing efforts can help you inform and entertain readers. Infographics can help simplify complex data, too.

Make sure to brand your marketing materials. Branded content will help brand awareness and recognition grow.

Social Media

Each social media platform could give you different opportunities for creating content, too. For example, you can use Instagram Stories, TikTok videos, or VR/AR on Snapchat.

Write On: 5 Types of Content to Start Creating Today

Don’t miss the chance to attract, inform, and engage your customers. Instead, add these different types of content to your marketing efforts. With a killer content marketing strategy, you can draw more people to your business.

Remain innovative with these different forms of content today.

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