77% of all internet users read blogs. This is why adding a blog to your website can increase traffic by as much as 434%.

Blogs are an excellent way to show that you are an expert in your industry.

They can drive traffic to your site by using specific keywords and SEO strategies. They can provide helpful information that readers are in need of.

Yet, to run a successful blog, consistent content is required. This is where guest posting comes in. If you are a writer and have interesting ideas, you can write content for someone else’s blog.

This can drive traffic back to your website, promoting whatever else you have to say or sell. But, before you can start guest posting, you must understand the dos and dont’s.

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Do Write for Their Audience

Guest blogging can be tricky because you aren’t writing for your own audience; you’re writing for a website or publisher’s audience. This means you must tailor what you write for their audience.

If you write to speak directly to the audience and address their problems, pains, and needs, you’ll be much more successful than writing to whomever.

Write to grab their attention.

Don’t Provide an Overview

A quality guest post service means making actionable content, not overviews.

Provide useful information that the reader can take with them and implement in their daily lives.

Do Align With Their Brand

Before creating a guest blogging strategy, you should become familiar with the publisher’s website.

Learn their tone, brand, audience, message, and expertise. Consider the context of what you’re writing, and ensure it will fit with the blog’s brand.

Everyone has a specific voice, and your voice should match the publisher’s. For example, if it’s a more serious blog, you probably won’t be cracking jokes or writing fluff pieces.

You should also always follow their format. Bloggers often provide guidelines, such as not exceeding 1000 words or including a certain amount of internal links.

Whatever they say, follow it. If you don’t get tons of instructions, look at past blogs and match them. These websites are trying to grow their following, which is why it’s important to pay attention to these details.

Read this article to learn more about the importance of including certain elements, such as backlinks.

Don’t Make It About You

Writing a guest blog post can help with exposure, but it’s not about you.

If you just published a book and are trying to gain more readers, this is not the time to do so. You are not plugging your own products or business; you are providing valuable and interesting information to a new audience.

Become the Master of Guest Posting

Guest posting is an excellent way to get more exposure. It helps out everyone in the end; you, the blog, and the audience.

Just make sure to follow these dos and dont’s, and you’ll find success in creating informational content for broad audiences.

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