There are many cities in the United States where you may enjoy pleasant summers and mild winters without breaking the bank. On the other hand, not every city is made equal.

You have to understand how these other undervalued properties compare if you want to select the right city for you. If you are thinking about going into real estate investment, take a look at this list of the most overlooked US cities.

The cost of living has an impact. While living in a high-priced metropolis like New York or any such expensive location would be ideal, it’s often preferable to remain conservative and save money. There is a cheaper cost of living as well as a large number of investment options in these locations.

Buckeye, AZ

Numerous American communities are suffering due to the downfall of the property market. That’s the case in Buckeye, a city in Arizona. As a result of the housing market’s drop, investors have a fantastic chance to acquire property at a low price.

Buckeye’s housing costs are higher, although they are still considerably lower than national and state norms. The average price of a Buckeye home for sale is $469,995. Due to its closeness to Phoenix, one of the most premium cities in the United States, this price is a little on the high end.

Commuting to work or your business premises in Buckeye is not a problem because it has easy access to major highways. Since most people own cars or trucks, you won’t have to worry about being late to work or any other appointment scheduling.

Art galleries and museums are many in the area, making this a good place for art enthusiasts. There are several cafes and stores in the vicinity for a relaxed lunch or a quick bite to eat at home from work.

Eagle, ID

Eagle is a small, quiet city located on the outskirts of Boise, Idaho. It has a population of over 20,000 and a median property price of $900,000. The town of Eagle, Idaho, is known for its pleasant climate and well-regarded public schools.

Low crime rates and well-maintained infrastructure make the city a desirable place to live. Due to its mining sector and the local timber economy, the city is booming. That implies many investment alternatives for people wishing to make some money.

However, this is not the only reason individuals should explore property investment locations. Due to a direct highway link, Eagle has quick and easy access to the main highway. Getting there from metropolitan areas like Boise is a breeze, perfect for those searching for fast connections.

Similarly, based on your preferences, many cultural activities and festivals are found in the area.

Frisco, TX

It’s easy to see why Frisco is one of the most desirable cities in Texas to call home. North of Dallas and near Fort Worth, this city has a thriving economy and well-developed infrastructure. That has contributed to a rise in job opportunities in the region.

As a result of the city’s well-maintained highways, it’s simple to get in and out. Frisco offers plenty of activity for those seeking something new despite its lack of large corporations and a dense population.

Frisco’s typical listing price for a property is $565,000. This is not too awful, given its proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Affordable housing alternatives are also available, and the neighborhood is seeing a high pace of residential development.

If you are a sports lover, you can catch a game of NFL football, MLB baseball, or NBA basketball at one of three neighboring stadiums. The Texas Rangers, the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League, and other teams call Frisco, Texas, home.

Alpharetta, GA

Due to the abundance of job prospects, Alpharetta has become an amazing view for real estate investment. That suggests many prospects for people who want to understand the real estate market. Likewise, there are a lot of developers and other realtors that are eager to make a profit in this market.

Because of the city’s many freeway exits, traveling to work in Alpharetta isn’t too difficult. In addition, the location is convenient to other large cities and essential businesses, making it a great place.

In Alpharetta, the average property price is $627,900. As a result, homeowners who want to cash in on the local real estate market will be able to do so.

Because it’s relatively new to several people, this location has many moderate housing alternatives and is in great demand.

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins may be a little off the main path, but it’s an excellent place to put money into real estate because of its low vacancy rates. As a result, young individuals and families searching for a new house are in for a treat.

With a median property price of $578,000, even a middle-class family can afford a home. Few people live in this area, which has a large amount of land. In other words, if more people want to move in, there won’t be a huge impact on the market. Fort Collins has a large number of academic institutions and a thriving professional community.

Biking and walking through parks and recreation areas are popular pastimes in the city, ideal for families with children. The city of Fort Collins has a wide variety of stores and services. There are numerous pubs and restaurants and a growing number of breweries to pick from.

The Rocky Mountain National Wildlife Refuge, for example, is a great spot to visit. Because of its proximity to Denver and Colorado Springs, Fort Collins is an attractive investment choice for younger purchasers. Commuters may take advantage of the various day excursions Fort Collins offers. Suburbs of the city may be reached in 15–20 minutes by car.


An investment in real estate may be worthwhile. Rather than occupying the property themselves, many people who acquire houses as assets choose to rent them out. Because the house’s worth may rise over time, and the buyer may be able to charge rent to supplement their income, this is an attractive option.