Are you trying to figure out the best places to look for financing for real estate projects? Do you wish there were an easy way to narrow down your choices?

Most investors who flip homes in the US make a bit more than 32 percent profit before expenses on their deals. That’s not a bad deal if you know how to choose your property.

Not all financing options for real estate investors are the same. Here are some tips to help you find the funding you need for your project.

1. Use Your Home Equity

One of the best sources of financing for commercial real estate is equity in your own home. There are several ways to access your equity.

You may be able to get a private equity based lending for the balance and use it to purchase the property you want.

The equity available in your home might not be enough. Investment properties usually require a 30 percent down payment. In that situation, you may need to use a combination of options to get the money you require.

2. Contact a Private Lender

If you’re looking for a flexible source of money that you can access fast, a private lender may be the best option for your project. These lenders are sometimes called hard money lenders, and they specialize in financing for real estate deals that are quick flips.

Some private lenders offer different interest rates that target specific product types. Their terms will often depend on your investment property.

A great example of a reputable hard money lender is the Trinity Mortgage Fund. They will act fast to fund your investment so you can make the deal work for you.

3. Form a Joint Venture

When you can’t get financing for real estate development on your own, you may find someone willing to form a joint venture with you. As a team, you put your money and experience together to make a deal.

This is a great way to scale up your investments and gain experience in other areas of investing. You can share responsibilities and profits. Be sure to get a written agreement before you commit.

4. Conventional Loans Are an Option

The interest rates for a conventional loan are often the lowest rates available. These loans can take a long time to process.

They are the most common types of loans available to borrowers and are often used to finance a primary residence. Conventional lenders look at your credit history and consider your income and ability to make payments.

Find Financing for Real Estate Deals

When you understand how to find the right financing for real estate, you’ll be able to speed up your process and close more deals.

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