No child in this world is completely satisfied with their parents’ unconditional love and affection. No matter how much attention a parent gives to their child or how much equally they love their children, each of them, at some point, will be very dissatisfied with their parents. We are by far the most ungrateful creations, the more we are loved, the more we ignore that person. A bitter truth!

In our societies, sons are generally loaded with responsibilities, unwanted sanctions, and aggression. At a very young age, they start to take up responsibilities, they start becoming independent, but sometimes they cross that line of dominancy. Here are some ways to know that are you an obedient and caring son of your parents or a highly ungrateful one:

Financial Support

“Life doesn’t come with a manual it comes with a father.” Since our birth, our parents spend thousands on our upbringing, and they sacrifice hundreds of things just for the sake of their children. They have never boasted for all the financial support they have been providing us since birth, and not forgetting all those weekend dinners, those birthday presents, the vacations, and the list never ends. However, when we even spend a penny for them, we remind them every time. An ungrateful son will always be unhappy for whatever he gets, and will never forget the dollar he spent on their parents.

The Conversations

This generation has almost forgotten the difference between talking to your parents and talking with them. To make things clear, here’s the difference, the first one implies rudeness, stubbornness and reflects dominancy. On the other hand, the second one involves love, two-way communication, and care. Talking about sons, they always see themselves as independent and try to become an adult, and soon forget the difference between those two sentences. If a son still has one-to-one conversations with his parents, then he is very lucky, and a role model for this generation.

The Special Days

In America, it is a common practice to meet their parents once in a whole year, and those days are “Mother’s Day” and “Father’s Day”. If you are an ungrateful child, then your love will only be seen on Instagram and Facebook stories, or other social networking sites. We have been fooled our entire lives that Time is money, and this misconception has pre-occupied us our entire lives. Time is not money, but it is precious, more than a million-dollar ruby, and do you know why? Because a million dollars can be in my bank account the very next day, but 1st July 2021 will never come in my entire life again. So stop this special day’s drama, if you truly love your parents, celebrate it today!

Technology & Parents

Who helped you to take your first step? Who stayed up all night when you were sick? Who came on the first day to drop you at school? Who answered the silliest questions of yours without a grimace? The answer is your parents. Technology can be tough sometimes, and we even are not geniuses when it comes to technology. However, when our parents are in difficulty with technology, we usually avoid them. Avoiding is nothing but a sign of an ungrateful child. Avoiding means forgetting all those things they have done in the past for us. We always expect our parents to answer us, but when it comes to answering them, we reply with rudeness and an angry face.

The Rules

At least once, we all have argued with our parents over some matters, it might be a request for a sleepover, or a vacation, or a late-night party, or anything else in the world. Again, we expect our parents to become open-minded and listen to us. We always forget that they have seen the world more than we have, and this gap is creating many problems. Our parents have turned and twisted themselves for us, and what have we given in return? Just ungratefulness. Parents can be wrong sometimes because they are human beings as well, but let’s not forget that thin silver line of obedience. Explain them quietly, and if they do not listen then as well, that’s impossible. We human beings are mechanized in such a form that we give what we get, if you show tantrums and aggressiveness, so will they.

These were some ways to identify yourself as an ungrateful son or not. To be clear, these are generalized observations of different societies, cultures, families, countries, etc. In a child-parent relationship, a parent plays an equal role as the child. We should also not forget that every family structure is different. A healthy child-parent relationship will lead to a positive and happy life, rather than an ungrateful one!