Guest Post:

When a blogger write content for someone else website is usually known as guest post. The purpose of guest post is generating traffic for website. The keyword search and writing on specific focused keywords is important to write an article. The guest post will gain more value if links and traffic is the core purpose of posting. Guest post is also known as guest blogging. Let’s have a look that why guest post is so important these days. Hosting a guest post helps in timesaving for other blog task writing and it helps in boosting one’s domain authority by interacting with bloggers for different PR activities.

Blog Post:

A type of website where conversational style blogs are presented and in blog posts new content always appear first. Blog posts are known as blog content or weblog. The blog post can be a sort of journal or information on a website as per chronological order in which all latest posts will appear on the top. The reason of blog post is to give user great content on almost on daily basis for enriching reader’s life style and it must be so interesting that they keep on waiting for next content. It also helps in word of mouth marketing and reader promotes blog via telling about the same to their friends and family.


A fraudulent act to gain advantage is known as scam. It can come through different mediums i.e., calls, emails, texts and scammer used to make false promises and commitments. Scammers always pretended to contact blogger on behalf of any organization or company etc.

Guest Post Scam

In this digital era of guest postings, it is important for every blogger to be aware of guest post scams specially those who are full time guest post bloggers. The initial step of guest post scam is normally an unknown email from the other person claiming himself as a blogger. In this kind of scam, the other blogger may provide you a link or guest post which was entirely different from your brand values. The purpose of guest post scam is linking up to any brand, product, service etc., which can also be considered as sponsored post instead of guest post. Sponsored post helps bloggers to gain more money and other brand to have more reach to your audience for their own brand promotion.
Promoting brand on your website in order to help them reach your own audience can be done on the basis of paid sponsorship not as a scam of free guest post.

Blog Post Scam

The blog post can be scammed by automatic postings of random comments, advertising, and copying different commercial services against the blogs. The target or scam can be identified when an unknown hyperlinks display in comments against your blog posts. It is important to understand that how hyperlinks scam is beneficial for scammers. Actually, more clicks on the hyperlinks will increase the search engine optimization automatically. The implied value of the blog will be increased through these clicks.
Now what is the reason of increasing Search Engine Optimization? The reason is simple that upon more clicks google ranking of the keyword or blog post will be ranked automatically. It is usually beneficial for bloggers to rank their commercial sites. It is a blog scam through which scammers took advantage.

How to Recognize Guest/Blog Post Scams?

The email or text containing your personal information by the scammer is usually a trick to scam specially in the case of guest post and blog posts. They will offer you free postings on your website but if you check the material than it will be totally irrelevant.
Maximum victim targeting is through emails and scammer posed himself as a blog owner. The core purpose of scammer is cheating for free advertising and as a result money.
Another way of recognizing the scam is that they usually claim as guest post owners and waiting for payments from your side. They claim that SEO Guest posts was taken by one of the blog or guest website owner’s team member and same can be checked through below link (any scammer hyperlink was mentioned in the email or text). They keep blackmailing that in case of non-payment they will add name of owner or their website to the scammer’s list and ultimately google will block them.
These are general ways of scamming and same can be identified since scammers use the same way of blogs as well as guest posts scamming.
Where Digital era is helping us to grow in a positive manner in the same time scammers are getting advantages through new mediums of scams which has direct impact on blogger earnings and trust on different websites. Scam can be overcome through intentional efforts and preventive measures.