Did you know protein is a part of every cell in the human body? This macronutrient is also essential for many vital bodily processes such as blood clotting, building muscles, and making hormones.

But, if you’ve been told you need to increase your protein intake, you may be wondering what you can do to ensure you are getting enough of it in your diet.

Fortunately, there are many ways to boost your protein levels and they don’t require you to make major changes to your lifestyle.

Let’s dive in and learn more.

Eat Eggs for Breakfast

Eggs are one of the best protein sources and it only takes a few minutes to whip up scrambled, poached, or fried eggs in the morning to have with a slice of toast.

This is a quick and easy way to get an early dose of protein into your system.

Choose Leaner Cuts of Meat

Meats such as chicken and lean beef can boost your protein levels while also being part of a filling meal.

These meats are a great option at lunch or dinner times and go well with many other types of healthy foods to help you maintain optimal health.

Snack On Nuts

When hungry in between meals during the day, there’s no need to eat unhealthy snacks that don’t provide a protein boost.

Instead, keep a handful of walnut, almond, or pistachio nuts handy. You can eat them on their own or sprinkle the nuts on other foods to increase your protein intake and boost your health and wellness regime.

Add Peanut Butter to Your Recipes

Peanut butter is also a rich source of protein, and it’s a tasty ingredient to add to many recipes. For example, you can make a peanut butter noodle salad, or make peanut butter cookies that can up your protein levels.

Enjoy Cheese and Crackers

You may already enjoy eating cheese and crackers as a treat, and cheese is another source of protein. While you mightn’t want to make this a daily habit, the occasional cheese and cracker session can help you add more protein to your system.

Take a Protein Supplement

For a quick and easy way to add high levels of protein to your diet and improve your health and wellbeing, you could consider taking a protein supplement.

Be sure to read the label to confirm the ingredients have nutritional value and check if your preferred product has adaptogens that have a high protein and vitamin content.

Start to Increase Your Protein Intake Today

It can be easy to increase your protein intake by making a few simple adjustments to your eating habits. Consuming foods such as eggs and chicken can be beneficial, while you can even treat yourself to some cheese and crackers while you boost your protein levels.

If you need a bit of extra help to add protein to your diet, taking a supplement can also be an excellent option.

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