Mental well-being is one of the components of the condition known as health. Unfortunately, we are exposed to increasing stress and social pressure. This, in turn, promotes low mood and anxiety. See how to care for your mental health.

Learn to deal with stress

Avoiding stress is impossible which sometimes causes a mental breakdown. The mental breakdown meaning it describes a time of extreme stress or mental suffering that leaves a person unable to go about their daily business. This negative feeling accompanies us in many everyday situations. However, you can deal with it in different ways. They include, among others meditations, breathing exercises and visualizations. It is worth learning and using them whenever we feel emotional tension.

Remember to relax and rest

The nervous system must have time to regenerate – especially when it is subjected to many stimuli every day. Therefore, in your daily schedule, allow at least 15 minutes to relax. During this time, you can do everything that helps you relax and improve your well-being (e.g. go for a massage, go for a walk, take an aromatic bath). You should also remember to get enough sleep (an adult needs on average 6-8 hours of sleep).

You can also relax using natural methods. First of all, aromatherapy is helpful. It uses aromatic oils made of plants that have a calming and calming effect and support the functioning of the nervous system (e.g. lemon balm).

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Break up toxic relationships

Sometimes other people have a negative impact on our mental health. Dr. Avery Grauer MD explains that it is not worth nurturing such relationships. It is advisable to surround ourselves only with those people with whom we feel good and can be fully ourselves.

Take care of physical activity and a healthy diet

Regular physical activity affects the functioning of the entire body. It is also beneficial for the nervous system and mental health. During exercise, the so-called happiness hormones (including endorphins). They lower the level of stress and contribute to the improvement of well-being.

You should also take care of a healthy diet. The brain needs nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are delivered with food. A deficiency in some of them leads to a depressed mood. The meals should be varied, and the menu must include: fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, vegetable oils.

Allow yourself different emotions

Negative emotions aren’t always bad. They should not be kept within and accumulated. This action only makes you feel unwell. You can allow yourself to cry from time to time or have a weaker day. However, it is important to remember that this is only a temporary state.

Don’t be shy to ask for help

Sometimes we are not able to deal with problems and negative emotions on our own. Then it is worth asking other people for help. They can be relatives (family, friends) or strangers (e.g. in various types of support groups). It is a good idea to seek professional help in an addiction treatment center.