Did you know that an estimated 388,000 truck accidents are recorded each year in the US? This is one of the most dangerous types of vehicle accidents.

Trucks are large and heavy, meaning that the injuries you gain may be extensive. Even surviving a crash with a truck can leave you with psychological distress. So, if you know what to do after a crash with a truck, you may lessen some of the harm that you sustain before help arrives.

What should you do after a semi truck accident? Read on to find out!

Seek Medical Attention

Prioritize getting medical care and treating any injuries you may have if you are hurt in a semi-truck collision. You should get medical help right once if you have any symptoms of any type of injury. Whiplash, spinal trauma, internal organ damage, and other physical problems that may not immediately manifest themselves could happen to you.

Ensure you get a proper medical assessment and do not turn down any treatment the medical staff offers, even if your accident injuries seem minor. Also, having documentation from medical providers will help you with any sort of potential insurance claims you will have to file.

Be careful to keep track of all treatment-related medical expenses, including those for prescription drugs and doctor appointments. Follow the doctor’s instructions when taking medicine.

Contact your physician straight away if issues develop or if your symptoms worsen. Follow medical advice for the best outcome.

Understand Your Rights

It is important to understand your rights when involved in a semi-truck accident. Get advice from a personal injury lawyer if necessary. Following the incident, you could be eligible for financial and non-financial loss recompense.

Speak to an experienced car accident lawyer. You might consider filing a truck accident lawsuit. Hiring an experienced lawyer can protect your legal rights and ensure you receive compensation for any damage to your property.

Prepare for Court

It is crucial to have all the relevant paperwork on hand in a semi-truck collision so that you can present it in court. Collect all medical documents, police reports, accident photos, witness accounts, and other relevant information. Be sure to save copies for yourself.

The parties involved should provide you with all the essential information, such as their names and phone numbers. Record details of the accident, your injuries, car damage, and any conversations with the other driver or trucking firm. If you need a lawyer to help you in court, check out Shealey Law truck accident lawyers.

Know How to Handle a Semi Truck Accident

In the case of a semi truck accident, maintain your composure. Seek medical attention if needed, file a truck accident lawsuit, understand your rights and liability, and contact a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases.

Don’t hesitate to take the necessary action to ensure justice is served. If you follow the tips above, you can be sure you can handle a semi-truck accident.

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