Do you feel a draft every time you walk by your window? A noticeable temperature change is a sure sign that your window has problems–problems you need to address before they get out of hand.

Most people only think of window repair when they find an obvious crack in their glass. However, many other window problems warrant hiring a window repair service.

If you’re unsure what kinds of issues to look for, keep reading–this article will cover five signs that you may need window repair.

1. Frequent Window Jams

If they glide up and down, you don’t have much to worry about, but frequent window jams may be cause for alarm.

One of the most common reasons a window can jam is rust. Rusty hinges and latches make opening and closing a window difficult; similarly, excess paint and mold can stop a window from moving in its frame.

Jams can even be caused by faulty window glass; for more information about window glass replacement, you can read a full article on

2. Leaks and Condensation

Leaks are among the most common window problems. During a rainstorm, a broken window can leak water into your home, potentially damaging anything nearby; if you notice a leak, call a window repair company.

Leaks aren’t the only form of water you need to look out for. Check your window glass for condensation; if your glass fogs up all the time, it’s a sign that outside air is passing through your window into your home.

3. Window Frame Rot

Window replacement is about more than just your glass–you also need to take your window’s frame into account. Wooden window frames need extra attention because they’re susceptible to wood rot.

If you notice rot or other damage to your window frames, it’s probably time for a window replacement.

4. High Utility Bills

Have you noticed a sudden rise in your electric bill? While there are many reasons a person’s utility bill might change, few people realize that window problems may be the culprit.

A broken window isn’t able to regulate airflow effectively. Air from inside your home will go out, and outside air will come in. That means that the cool air from your air conditioner isn’t staying in your home.

As a result, your AC has to work twice as hard to keep you cool, which translates to a higher electric bill.

5. Outside Noise

Wind and rain aren’t the only things your windows keep out: they also block noise from entering your home. If you feel like outside noises have gotten louder lately, there’s a good chance you have a broken window.

A window repair service can help you quiet things down again. Many modern windows are built with increased noise reduction in mind.

Get the Window Repair You Need

Your windows serve an important purpose; they protect your home from the elements (and noisy neighbors). That’s why window repair is so crucial–a broken window poses a danger to yourself and your belongings.

Once your windows are in perfect shape, what will your next home project be? Visit our home improvement blog for articles and ideas about household projects, renovations, and more!