Over ten million homes in America have a pool that they can use to cool off in during the hot months. Although owning a pool provides a good deal of entertainment, a lot goes into its upkeep.

Pool care may not be fun, but it’s necessary. If you don’t maintain your pool regularly, you might find yourself with a mess or even a hazard.

Whether you’re a first-time pool owner or have owned a pool for years, it’s important to follow some key tips to keep your backyard oasis in tip-top shape.

Read on for essential pool care tips that can help you keep your pool functioning at its best.

1. Stick to a Schedule

Choose certain days of the week that you’ll focus on specific pool tasks.Vacuum the pool floor and check and adjust the pH levels on another day. By keeping on top of these basic tasks, you’ll be sure to enjoy a pool that’s always ready for a dip!

2. Keep It Clean

Skimming your pool and vacuuming the floor isn’t the only thing you should do to your pool water. You should also brush down the walls and stairs of your pool every week. This will help keep algae from growing and keep your pool looking sparkling clean.

3. Pay Attention to PH

Test the pH levels of your pool water often. If the pH level is too high or low, it can be uncomfortable for swimmers. The wrong pH can also damage pool equipment, making it a costly step to skip.

4. Use a Tennis Ball

Although you may not believe it, dropping a tennis ball into your pool is one of the best pool cleaning tips out there. The tennis ball will absorb oils floating in your pool from suntan lotion and the body. This trick will leave your pool water sparkling.

5. Don’t Forget to Shock

Make sure to shock your pool every few weeks.You’ll do this to get rid of bacteria and chloramines.

Follow the directions on the pool shock package, as adding too much can be harmful.

6. Check Your Pool Equipment

Don’t forget to inspect your pool equipment throughout the summer. Take a look at your pool filter, pump, and skimmer every month to ensure everything is in good working order.

7. Call the Professionals

If you don’t have time to care for your pool yourself, there’s no shame in hiring a professional pool company, like Aqua Premier Pool Services, to help. They’ll know exactly how to clean your pool and keep it functioning at its best.

Keep Up With Your Pool Care for a Summer of Fun

By following these pool care tips, you’ll be sure to have a backyard oasis that’s the envy of the neighborhood!