Did you know that natural light can lift your mood, reduce depression, and make you feel refreshed?

Doing a dormer addition is a great way to let more light into the upper story of your home. Adding a dormer window can also help you win back valuable living space.

But, dormer additions also aren’t cheap. If you want to build a dormer, it’s critical that you weigh up the pros and cons carefully before you hit go on the project.

Read on to discover whether or not a dormer addition is really worth it.

A Dormer Addition Can Beautify Your Home’s Exterior

One of the benefits of doing a dormer addition is that it can beautify your home’s exterior. If your home lacks charm and dimension on the outside, adding dormer windows can give it a lot of extra personality and curb appeal.

A New Dormer Can Totally Transform Upstairs Areas

Beautifying your home on the outside is not the only perk of doing a dormer edition. Adding a dormer window to an upstairs attic or second story has the power to completely transform the space.

If your attic or upstairs living areas are lacking in natural light, dormer windows can be the perfect solution. Dormer additions not only bring in a lot of extra light but they also open up the space and add a significant amount of extra headroom.

If you have a slanted ceiling with a pitched roof, this can eat into your upstairs ceiling height, making rooms feel cramped and claustrophobic even if they have a decent amount of floor area.

Dormer Additions Aren’t the Cheapest Home Improvement Project

The one drawback to doing a dormer addition is the cost. Dormer additions definitely are the cheapest home improvement project, clocking in at roughly $115 per square foot.

The exact dormer addition cost will depend very much on things like what type of window you use, the labor costs in your area, etc.

You Need to Hire a Contractor You Can Trust

Another important thing to know before you do a dormer addition is that you will need to hire a trustworthy and experienced contractor for the job.

Anytime you are making alterations to your roof it’s imperative that the contractor knows what they are doing. If you hire an inexperienced contractor, you could set yourself up for endless issues such as ongoing leaks and damp problems.

Therefore, make sure that you narrow down a list of the best contractors in your area. Research them thoroughly, and select the most knowledgeable and experienced one to tackle your dormer addition.

Doing a Dormer Addition Could Change Your Whole House

Doing a dormer addition is a big undertaking. Not only does it require a decent budget, but you also need to choose an experienced contractor.

However, if you do decide to build a dormer window it could change your whole house both from the inside and from the outside.

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