While renovation projects often get the lion’s share of attention, you’re probably closer to redecorating your home than renovating it. It turns out that people routinely redecorate some part of their homes every 2 years or so.

Of course, redecorating can mean different things. For some, it’s a complete overhaul of everything from the color scheme to the curtains. For others, it’s a more subtle process of adjusting or updating components of a room.

For those in the second camp, adding new artwork can generate great results. Of course, that leaves the question of how to pick the best artwork for your home. If you’re wondering how, read on for some artwork selection tips.

Set Your Budget

Shopping for artwork can prove a lot of fun, but it can get very spendy, very fast. You should set a firm budget before you go out and set your heart on art that you can’t necessarily afford.

You should also set your budget with the total project in mind. Let’s say that you’re buying one piece of art for one room and won’t buy another for at least a year. The budget for that may look different than your budget for getting artwork for your entire home.

Consider the Space

You must also consider the space that artwork will occupy. In a bedroom, for example, you typically want a calm atmosphere. That makes a piece of art with bright, shocking colors a poor choice for that space.

In a living room, you often see more flexibility. Many people make a statement in their living room with either statement furniture or statement art. If that’s your goal, you can opt for more avant-garde or unique art.

If you’re decorating a man cave, on the other hand, you can probably shop for metal wall art without fear. The decor in that space must generally only meet with the approval of one person. So, if you find something you love, it won’t bother anyone else.

Consider the Existing Decorating Choices

Unless you’re doing a total home decor makeover, you must also consider your existing interior design choices. While you don’t need a complete color match between your art and the colors in the room, you do want art that melds with the existing decorating a little bit.

This is often easiest with an appropriate color choice. If you have a blue or green color scheme, look for artwork that has a similar color in it.

Choosing the Best Artwork for Your Home

Choosing the best artwork for your home can prove a more challenging task than you might expect at first. After all, you must typically work within a budget. That can get more difficult the more artwork you need.

You must balance your artistic preferences with the spaces in your home. Wild colors might work in some spaces, but probably not in a bedroom or den. You must also select artwork that doesn’t clash with your existing decor.

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