Are you looking to decorate your home with impeccable art?

Sure, buying a few expensive paintings is a quick way to give your space a unique design. But what if you could get more mileage out of every display in your house? Plus, you could add a lot of character to your interior design.

The easiest way to do this is by framing art so it’s more easily accessible. Plus, you can reuse old frames that give off chunky vibes to bring your pieces together. But how can you frame it just right? Take a look at our guide below to learn all about adorning your walls with home art.

Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a popular trend that allows you to display multiple pieces of framed art interestingly and cohesively. To create a gallery wall, start by choosing a theme or color scheme for your collection of frames.

This could be based on the type or style of artwork, or simply on the colors used in the frames themselves. Then decide on the layout – whether you want a symmetrical grid pattern or an eclectic mix-and-match arrangement. Use different sizes and shapes of frames for added visual interest.

Layer Frames

When it comes to displaying art, the framing plays a crucial role in elevating the piece’s overall aesthetic. Layer framing, a technique that involves using multiple frames with different depths and layers, adds depth and dimension to the artwork, giving it a more sophisticated and professional look.

The first step to achieving the perfect layer frame is selecting frames that complement each other and the artwork. The outer frame should be simple and neutral, while the inner frame can be more intricate with a pop of color.

It’s essential to consider the size and proportion of each frame to create a harmonious balance. Layer framing is a creative and elegant way to enhance the visual impact of any artwork. This technique involves overlapping different-sized frames to create depth and dimension.

You can also check out for similar frames or mix them up with different styles for an eclectic look. It’s best to use lightweight materials such as paper or canvas prints for this display method.

Lean Against Shelves

Displaying art can be a tricky task, as finding the perfect frame to accentuate and complement the piece can be a challenge. However, one alternative method to displaying art is to lean it against shelves. This effortless approach adds a touch of nonchalance and modernity to any space.

When learning art, it’s important to pay attention to the frame and its proportions. A frame that is too small or too large can throw off the whole aesthetic. It’s essential to ensure that the shelves are secure and sturdy enough to hold the weight of the art piece to prevent any potential damage.

With a little bit of planning and by following these tips, you can effortlessly “frame it” with the lean-against-shelves technique.

Learn How to Frame It Just Right

In conclusion, framing art is an essential aspect of displaying it properly. By following the tips and techniques mentioned on how to frame it just right,” you can elevate the look and feel of your space. Don’t forget to experiment with different frames and styles to find what suits your art best.

Start framing your art the right way and enhance its impact today!

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