Did you know a home with excellent curb appeal has the potential to sell for up to 12.7% more than one without it?

Numbers like this make it clear the outside of your home is essential whether you’re choosing to sell it or plan on living it in for many years to come. If the exterior is currently looking a little lackluster, it doesn’t have to stay that way!

Continue reading to learn seven ways you can make your home exterior look lovely just in time for warmer weather.

1. Pressure Wash the Outside

Over time the siding on your house can collect dirt, dust, and bugs. As a result, your driveway and walkways might look worse for wear, along with the house itself.

Thankfully fixing this issue is simple. You can get pressure washing services so the grime is quickly removed and you have a clean slate once again.

2. Reseal the Driveway

A big part of having a modern-looking exterior home is a fresh driveway with a skillfully designed driveway curb ramp. If your driveway is faded, cracked, or worse, it doesn’t look good and can actually harm your car.

Try resealing it for a much-needed touchup you’ll appreciate for many reasons.

3. Put up a Fence

You can boost your exterior home design by putting up a modern fence. The fence acts as a way to make your home look put together while also giving your privacy. Look at this elegant fence that will instantly add beauty to the exterior of your house and enhance its overall appeal. With its intricate design and high-quality material, this fence is sure to make a striking statement.

4. Plant Flowers

Flowers add a beautiful touch to any home. The bright colors make your house pop and look put together. 

Gardening is a fun hobby, so why not start by planting some flowers to enhance your home’s appearance?

5. Upgrade the Windows

If you have dated windows, they can make your home look old.

Consider upgrading to newer ones if possible. Or, even getting them professionally cleaned can make a big difference!

6. Paint Your Front Door

Your entryway door sets the tone for your entire house.

Try repainting it and choosing a pop of color for a fresh and modern look. Some popular color choices are blue and yellow!

7. Add Accents

Home decor is important for the inside and outside of your home. There’s less to do outside, but you do have options.

Something as simple as hanging a wreath, adding pillows to a porch swing, or putting out a new welcome mat can finalize the look.

Focus On Your Home Exterior for a Big Difference

Many people focus on the inside of their home when it comes to decorating and making sure everything is clean. But the home exterior is just as important since it’s the first thing anyone sees.

Try putting these seven tips to use to help keep your home in tip-top shape, increase curb appeal, and create a beautiful house from the inside out.

If you’re looking for more home improvement tips so your house can look as good as possible, take a look around the site for more!