Often, bedrooms do not get the attention that they deserve. They need to fulfill so many different functions, such as being a romantic intermate area, a safe and relaxing place to sleep, as well as somewhere to get dressed and prepare for the day.

This means that it is a room that has to work hard to tick every single box. However, don’t get disheartened or overwhelmed, as these tasks are easy to achieve with just a few simple touches.

1 . Make Your Bed the Feature

You should make sure that your bed is the main feature of your room regardless of how large, sumptuous, or imposing it is. You should certainly draw attention to the head of the bed, which can be done far easier with a headboard. However, if you haven’t got one, you should seek out alternatives to a headboard before you spend out and purchase one.

Any bed can look desirable. All you need is some plumped-up pillows and scatter cushions, a thick fluffy duvet, clean ironed bed linen, and some sensual, intense colored fabric to provide rich, luxurious throws of different textures, such as satin, fur, and velvet.

2. Add Touches of Luxury

A bedroom should most certainly speak of being a luxurious sanctuary. Thick fluffy rugs, which are lovely and warm to sink your feet into will certainly feed your senses, while quality layered window dressings will provide privacy while adding a touch of decadence to your room.

Ornate mirrors and fine artwork, either hung on walls or sculptures and ornaments on unit tops, will certainly complete the look.

3. Use Lighting Techniques to Set the Mood

Of course, you should also make use of lighting techniques to set the right mood in your bedroom. Flameless candles on ornate stands will be great for those romantic moments, especially if combined with soft lighting, which will also aid sleep.

Your regular lighting will provide ample light when getting ready to go out and applying makeup. Undoubtedly, you will also find what to showcase your art and sculptures, and you will also be able to do this as well with lighting either from above or underneath, depending on whereabouts they are situated in your room.

To Wrap It All Up

Regardless of what you put in your bedroom, your bed should certainly steal the show. Dressing your bed up so that it looks inviting enough to spend all day rolling around on it, and if you do, then you have already nailed it. Other areas of your bedroom, although not the showstopper, should still be able to compete. Window dressings are very important and should be both practical, functional, and yet, also decadent in their look and texture.

Filling your bedroom walls with art and having a few sensual sculptures will also give the room a heartwarming feel. However, it is important not to forget about the lighting, as this can be a real deal buster if you get it even slightly wrong. You will need bright lighting for makeup applications and to get ready for an evening out, but for those intermate moments, dim, soft lighting is far better.