Did you know the US landscaping services industry is already worth $115.6bn in 2022? This remarkable figure highlights how people are increasingly looking to improve their outdoor spaces so they have a beautiful area where they can spend their spare time.

But what are the best outdoor design ideas that can help you create your ideal backyard space? If you don’t know exactly what you’d like to achieve, you could end up with a cluttered area that looks untidy.

Don’t worry, we’re going to look at 5 stunning concepts to give you inspiration.

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1. Covered Outdoor Entertainment Area

If you enjoy having friends and family round for a BBQ, one of the best outdoor design ideas is to create a dedicated entertainment area. You could cover the space with a retractable awning to protect your tables and chairs from the elements, and even add an outdoor island kitchen as a focal point for socializing.

This can firmly establish your reputation as the top outdoor party host amongst your group of friends.

2. Outdoor Relaxation Zone

You could make a quiet space where you can unwind after a long and stressful day. Before creating your relaxation zone, remove all unnecessary items from the area and consider what essentials would help you chill out.

For example, you could purchase a soft sofa, a speaker for the space so you can play soft and gentle music, and the best heated bird baths to attract nature to the spot.

This can help you destress and enjoy reenergizing your body and mind in your backyard.

3. Horticultural Area

Another of the more calming outdoor living design ideas is to create a green space. You could grow plants up a trellis, add a range of colored flowers to a flowerbed, and even grow your own food.

Not only can this idea enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space, but it can also help the environment and reduce your food shopping bill.

4. Backyard Sports Section

You can improve your outdoor living space and boost your fitness levels by creating a sports zone. This could include adding soccer nets or clearing an area where you could play racket sports. If you prefer a less intense activity, you could even create a manicured lawn section and have a putting green to develop your golf game.

This can be a superb way to get some exercise while spending time in the fresh air in your backyard.

5. Low Maintenance Backyard With Artwork

If you are looking for backyard design ideas that don’t take a lot of maintenance, one of the best garden design tips is to use statues and sculptures. You can also cover the ground around these items with colored stones that require little looking after.

Not only will statues bring an artsy feel to your outdoor space, but you won’t need to cut the lawn.

Pick Your Favorite Outdoor Design Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

It can be fun to consider the various outdoor design ideas before deciding on your favorite. If you enjoy unwinding outside then making a relaxation area can be a great idea, but if you prefer to be more active you may want to make room to have a sports zone.

An outdoor food growing space can be an excellent choice if you have green fingers, and adding statues can be useful if you prefer not to have to tend to your lawn each week.