Is it really possible to live stressless? In this modern world you will barely find a person who is living a stress free life. You can’t erase this term completely from your dictionary but there is always a way to reduce it. In this article let’s discuss some of the trusted ways that will help you to reduce your stress and let you live a relaxed life. 


The term meditation is not unknown to any real person. In this current situation you will find experts recommending meditation possibly in every mental health related problem. And trust them it works. Yes it might take some time but we all know that good things take time. Medicines and other temporary solutions will provide short time relief but nothing comes near meditation. Have you ever noticed monks and those who practice spirituality they are always calm and composed. It’s true that they have left the lust of this life but does it really mean they don’t face problems in their day to day life. They have learnt to handle their problems and to not let their problems handle them instead. Don’t worry it won’t turn you into a monk or boring person. This thought is impractical and vogue. Meditation doesn’t take much time to show its magic if it’s done regularly and correctly. The magic of meditation can only be realized when you will actually give it a try. 


Exercise is another effective way of practicing mindfulness. A healthy mind needs a healthy body to survive. We all know that but how many of us actually believe it? You wont believe it unless you actually  experience it. Exercising looks difficult and stressful, right? You have to get all sweaty, it might lead to muscle ache for some day and yes you have to move from your place. This sounds so exhausting. But no pain no gain. Experts say that when your mind is engaged in any physical activity it doesn’t get time to think about other stuff. Giving your mind some rest which is filled with unnecessary thoughts is extremely important. Exercise will give it that break. At the end of the day when your body will feel light, you will feel more confident about your health and that after work out glow then all those muscle aches, sweat and dizziness will be worth it. 

Listening to music

There must be rare species in this world who don’t like music. Music is inevitable . Whether we are happy, in love or even sad we search for the lap of music to rest for sometime. The role of music in reducing stress is also unignorable. Music releases happy hormones and thus it helps in instant reduction of stress and anxiety. After a long tired day a playlist of your favorite artist with your favorite drink is the best part of the day. You might go for a walk while your headphones on might also help. Visiting music stores and practicing in any known instrument is also recommended.

Sleep cycle

Believe it or not  a messed up sleep cycle can mess up your whole life. Yes, it’s dangerous. It might feel all ok in the beginning and then when it will become a habit you will realize that you have fallen into a vicious loop. It is more difficult to break a bad habit than to form one. A good sleep of 6-7 hours is extremely important for a recharged and stress free body and mind. You need to avoid screen time for about one hour before going and after waking up from sleep.

A little stress is ok. After all we are human and there will be one problem after another all through our life. We can’t escape it. But we need not to overthink it and stress over it more.  Always try mindful ways to reduce stress for a happy and healthy life.