Kids are natural visual learners. They easily comprehend things through what they see and spot. They also become inspired and motivated by what their eyes perceive. In the same way, we should supplement the kind of learning style they have.

We should create or build a study space that supports them. If you got a study space or room for your kids that iscolorless and dry, you have to step up and put on some glitters and sparkles and a total make-over to change the whole area into a child-motivating place.

If you are interested to learn and have some ideas on DIYs study space decors suitable and appropriate for your kids, then continue reading and enjoy!

Interstellar Space

This is a great Study Space design for boys or kids who are engaged in science and outer space. Turn the area into a galaxy space filled with planets, stars, and a sun. You can also add up some astronaut-related designs to make the room more exciting.

Around the world

Kids who love to explore and discover the world might want to be in a study room filled with world map and famous tourist spots. With this, they will have the desire to venture the world one day as early as now.


Kids nowadays are very fond with unrealistic, unique, mythical creatures like a unicorn. They love the colorful image of a unicorn. Hence, it would be a great idea to start building or creating a study room that is colored with a touch of pink, blue and purple and has some prints of a cute unicorn and a rainbow.


Most kids love animals. So, it is also ideal to have a study space design full of images of animals on it. It can be pet animals, domestic animals or wild animals depending on the choice of your kids. You can also put some diorama or models of their favorite animal/s

Stuffed Toy Bear

This is recommended to girls especially the young ones. Children like to hold their teddies because they feel it is a counterpart of a person. Therefore, it iscute to decorate their study space or room with teddies complementing the stuffed toys placed on their shelves or on the corners or on top of their study table.

Touch of Pastel Colors

This is ideal for kids who are older and prefer simpler designs or decorations. You can set up pastel colors all over your room—from the color of the paint, to the curtains and even to the upholstery or furniture. This study space design gives a cool and refreshing vibes to children.

Favorite character

Whether it is their favorite cartoon character, or their most-watched boy band, or their favorite celebrity; It is a good idea to transform the room into a place that the children will be inspired and happy. Who wouldn’t love to stare on decorations and designs that shows countenance of their favorite character?

Once upon a dream

Every child has a dream job or profession. You can also create a room or study space that explains what job they would like to land someday. For example, if they want to be a seafarer one day, then, you can create a blue room that has decorations of anchors, boat and waves of the ocean. Or if a child is dreaming of becoming a teacher someday, then you can also turn your room into a mini classroom where the child can feel like she’s the teacher of the room.

You see? There are many ways you can think of on how to decorate the study space of the child. You just need some creativity and intent. Creativity; that your kids will love to spend most of their time in their study space because their room is cool and pretty. Intent; that your kids will feel that they really belong there because the decorations are close to their heart.

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That concludes our discussion for today. I’ll see you around next time!