Headphones become a basic need of our lifestyle because we all love to listen to music and also headphones give us privacy. Everybody is fond of budget headphone with extreme qualities. If you have a budget of 10000 and looking for which headphone is best to buy. Then this article will help you a lot. After a day and night research, we got a list of best headphones under 10000 Rs.

Marshall Major III, Sennheiser 850 BT, Skullcandy Crusher, JBL 500 BT these all are the best-performing agents in the list of best headphones under 10000 Rs. All these headphones crack all the parameters of the best quality headphones in a specific budget like sound, design, build quality and much more. I am very enthusiastic to help you to find your best headphone under 10000. So, keep reading this article.

Marshall Major III Bluetooth

The Marshall Major III is the improved version of the other Marshall majors. They all overlook of this epic earphone is classy and luxurious. The Marshall major III comes in rounded earcups design with matt finish. Major III is so much durable due to adjustable headband clips which are made up of metal. It is easy to carry in your bags due to its Collapsible design.

Marshall major III is a boon for high bass sound listeners and classic music lovers because Major III comes with 40 mm drivers which produce deep bass and crystal clear sound of 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. The Vocals are clear and the background noise cancellation is superb.

Marshall major III comes with a 3.5 mm jack which helps you both to listen to the same music. You just need to plug another headphone and listen. The playback time is 30 hrs. There are some specifications of this earphone:-


  • Microphone and remote installed
  • 3.5 mm jack is installed
  • v4.2 Bluetooth version
  • 10 m Bluetooth range


  • Premium look
  • Deep bass
  • Crystal clear sound


  • Not fast charging

Sennheiser 350BT

Sennheiser is a well-known brand in the headphone market. The quality they give to their consumers makes them a brand in today’s era. In the second place, we have a Sennheiser 350BT a product of Sennheiser. This headphone is made up of plastic a very high-quality plastic there is no metal in the entire headphone. The headphone is very thin which makes it lightweight and has comfy and soft paddings on the earcups which feel very soft and easy to fit. The Matt black finish gives a premium look to the headphone.

Sennheiser 350BT comes with dynamic drivers which produce crystal clear sound with deep bass. The high and mids do not get distorted on high volume. The driver gives you high-quality sound output with Bluetooth version 5.0. The Bluetooth range is 10 m.

Sennheiser 350BT gives you a playback time of 30 Hrs on a single charge with fast charging and has a USB type C port. The one thing which is amazing is it comes with app support through which you tune your music. If you have a low budget then do check this list of best headphones under 5000 Rs.


  • Playback time is 30 Hrs
  • Headphone weight is 238 g
  • Frequency response 20 Hz to 20000 Hz
  • Driver size is 40 mm


  • Easy to carry
  • Fast charging
  • Soft and comfortable design


  • Don’t have a 3.5 mm jack

Skullcandy Crusher

Yes everybody knows this name. Skullcandy has its own patented speaker manufacturing. They build high-quality speakers to make their headphone user friendly. Crusher has a classy and premium looking appearance with comfy and soft paddings on earcups.

In Skullcandy crusher, 40 mm drivers and 35 mm crusher are integrated which produce a high-quality crystal clear sound with perfect lows and highs. It has a technology that makes it a bass factory if you want to increase bass then just slide the slider and see the magic.

Due to its playback time, this easily becomes your trip partner due to its long battery life. In a single charge, you get a battery life of 40 Hrs with the fast charging system. The fully foldable design makes this headphone easy to carry in your backpacks.


  • The frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Microphone and remate box is installed
  • 3.5 mm jack is available
  • Charging time 03 Hrs
  • Playback time 40 Hrs


  • Premium look
  • Soft paddings
  • Bass is excellent


  • Nothing


All of these headphones are awesome but if you are looking for a budget headphone with excellent quality the Skullcandy crusher is a god gift because they high-quality sound with a premium look and long battery life also. Make this headphone your first and last option.

I hope this article help you a lot, if you love this article then share this with your friends and help them to find their budget headphone. To share your experience do comment in the comment box.