With the festive season finally over and the January blues firmly kicking in, we’re all scouring for the next occasion to look forward to – cue Valentine’s Day!

While it may be a day that forever divides the nation, if you’re one of the lucky ones with someone special in your life, you can warmly welcome it as an excuse to give and receive gifts to spread some much-needed joy again. 

Yet it’s no secret that buying gifts and Romeo y Julieta cigars for men can be notoriously difficult! If you need a slice of inspiration, here are a range of gift ideas for men this Valentine’s Day.

Cuban Cigar Set

Enjoying cigars is an art. Your partner will love the cigar gift set because it highlights the pleasure of smoking a cigar. So many wonderful combinations are created for true connoisseurs of luxury and wealth. A set of cigars is a gift for those who have already formed their taste in tobacco preferences. especially if you know what kind of cigars your husband likes. Every cigar enthusiast will appreciate a set of Romeo y Julieta cigars which is one of the most beloved Cuban cigar brands. It delivers great taste, a smooth body, and balanced cigar strength that comes together to form a timeless experience for all to enjoy.


If your partner likes to spend his spare time bench pressing, bicep curling and burning calories in the gym, he’s sure to appreciate something to aid his workouts. While there are many options on the market, such as the Fitbit and the Apple Watch, the Garmin Venu smartwatch easily tops the charts.

With advanced sports technology that can carefully monitor daily health statistics, this smartwatch is great for everyday life as well as during exercise. With the ability to source local running routes and featuring over 20 pre-loaded fitness apps for him to utilise, he’s sure to be over the moon with this gift on Valentine’s Day.

A portable pizza oven

If he’s a whizz in the kitchen and cares about his culinary creations, he’ll fall in love with the Ooni pizza oven. And don’t be deceived — they cook much more than just sensational homemade pizzas! They’re also famously good at searing and smoking meats and fish, as well as baking.

With a heating capacity of up to 500°C in just 20 minutes, you won’t be left waiting long for your delightful dishes to cook with one of these appliances! 

One-of-a-kind gifts

Rather than just getting a gift that’s available to everyone, why not show him how much he means to you by treating him to something more exclusive instead? Due to the fact that they are far more thoughtful, these often mean more to our partners. Just be prepared to do a little hunting online to find the perfect pieces that he’ll love.

Consider his hobbies and interests. If he has a passion for men’s fashion, he may be delighted with some limited-edition trainers from StockX. If he has a keen eye for art, you can find unique paintings or sculptures at local auction houses. The more bespoke your present, the more special he will feel, knowing he’s one of the only people in the world to possess it.

Whether you have a calm and cosy night in or a lavish celebration planned for this Valentine’s Day, setting a clear budget will ensure you keep your finances in check.