Who doesn’t like the horror genre? everyone. Some may get afraid after reading or watching, and some may not. But one can never deny the fact that horror thrillers don’t excite them. 

Anyone who is a fan of the horror genre must have heard about the superhit horror movie IT. Isn’t it? The movie is a revolution in horror thrillers. The plot of the movie is adapted from the novel of the same name, written by Steven King in 1986. If you haven’t heard about Steven King, then let us inform you that he is regarded as the “king” of the horror genre. IT chapter 1-2 both were a big hit and now audiences are waiting for another sequel i.e IT Chapter 3. Will it come or not? Now it is a difficult question, but we have some information that can give some hope and more information about the movie. So keep reading. 


The first part of the movie, “IT,” was first released in 2017 under the directorship of Andy Muschietti. As we already mentioned, the movie is based on the fictional novel “IT”, written by Stephen King in 1986. The producers of the movie were Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Seth Grahame-Smith, and David Katzenberg.

Barbara Muschietti The film was produced by companies such as New Line Cinema, RatPac Entertainment, Lin Pictures, Vertigo Entertainment, and KatzSmith Productions. The distribution partner was Warner Bros. Pictures. The movie was released in English and was about 135 minutes long. The budget for the first part was about 35 million dollars and generated an income of about 701.8 million dollars. Actually, the movie was among the highest grossing movies in the horror thriller genre. The film starred Jaeden Lieberher, who played the Bills’ part, and Bill Skarsgrd, who played the iconic clown. Chapter Two, which was the sequel to the movie, was released on September 6th, two years after Chapter One, which was in 2019.

IT Chapter 3: 

Will it happen or not?

The movie gained immense popularity among its viewers. As a result, the audience can’t get enough of it; they want more of it. So it’s obvious that everyone wants another part of the movie. But the fact is that, since it was an adaptation of the novel, those who had read the novel could say that the two chapters had already covered most of the novel’s themes. So even if they release a chapter three these will not relate to the storyline of the book. Since the adaptation of the novel was the reason that movie got such a positive response, will IT Chapter 3 make up for that level? Now that’s dependent upon the makers of the movie. We are only here to enjoy the show. That’s all. 

If we look at the pattern of the release dates of the first two parts, we can see that these movies have been released within a gap of two years. So, by following the pattern, it can be said that the third must be released in 2021. But wait, we all know that the global Pandemic hit the states during 2020-21 most and many shows and movies were canceled from getting released. So there’s still a hope that they might be released in 2022–23. Lastly, the movie makers themselves said in an interview that there would be an IT Chapter 3. So there is no reason not to wait. It must be on its way to being released on the big screen soon. There is no official release date yet. 

IT Chapter 3: Plot (What will be the storyline) About the storyline, as

we already experienced earlier, the concept of the movie literally gives goosebumps and attacks because of its terrifying storyline. One can easily predict that IT Chapter 3 will also follow the same pattern. It will also be as creepy and horrifying as the other two chapters. If we recall the other parts, the storey started in a small town called Derry with a group of seven friends called “The Losers” because they used to feel like losers in their own lives too. The group formed after the leader of the group, Bill, lost his baby brother, George, on a rainy day. Later, Bill found that his brother was murdered by the hunted clown, Pennywise. One by one, many children began to get expelled from the town. According to the dancing clown who wakes up every 27 years to eat his prey, children are the most interesting target because the more afraid they are, the better they taste. The second part ends well when the seven friends meet again after 27 years in Derry. But they are not losers anymore. They came to find out the truth about Pennywise. In the process of destroying the dancing clown, most of the friends died, and only a few made it to the end. 

Since the second part was quite satisfying, but still, audiences are too excited for some more twists and turns. There is a chance that Pennywise will return after 27 years and will become more ferocious and mysterious at the same time. The makers didn’t leave any chance to make us feel the chill in the first two parts. There is no doubt that IT Chapter 3 has more breathtaking experiences waiting for us on the way. 

Let’s Conclude 

If we search the internet, there is a lot of news about the release date and trailer of the movie, but the truth is that there has been no official announcement of the release date or trailer. It’s just the fans’ excitement that leads to such news. As the horror of Pennywise is still fresh in our memory and the after effects of the movie are still horrifying us, all we can do is eagerly wait for Chapter 3. Until then, we can always experience the thrillers by rewatching IT chapter 1 and 2.