Netflix has been continuously entertaining us for many years, and it has produced some of the most entertaining sitcom shows for its viewers. The thing that makes these shows watchable is their amazing and interesting storylines.

One such show is “The Ranch”. It was aired from 2016 to 2020. The outstanding performance of the actors and the engaging comedy scenes were such factors that led “The Ranch” to be ranked among the 10 most popular shows on Netflix.

The show stars Ashton Kutcher as Colt, who returns home to run his family ranch business after his football career ended.

You may not see the cast of this show at the Emmys on the red carpet, but the comedy-filled storyline made it rank higher than Stranger Things and House of Cards on the binge-racing list.

But I’m not here to talk about the show’s plot or summary. I’m here to talk about something really special. This was one of the factors that intrigued many viewers.

The Ranch: A Netflix series

The Ranch, IsThe Place Garrison, Colorado Real?

Coming back to the main topic, “The Ranch” is mainly set in the fictional town of Garrison, Colorado.Although the introductory scenes are set in Atouray, which is a real place, the town of Garrison, Colorado is not. The exhilarating beauty of the filming location is the real reason why fans asked for the place.

Many travellers planned to visit Garrison. The breathtaking background inspired many viewers to spend a vacation there. The fascinating setting may be enough to make anyone wish to pay a visit, but unfortunately, no such place exists anywhere on the world map.

The Bennet family lives on a fictional iron river ranch, which is shown to be present in Garrison, CL, which is also a fictional town, as aforementioned.

The major part of The Ranch is set in Garrison. More locations are not given much importance because the residence of the Bennet family is shown to be in Garrison, CL.

The filming has been done so accurately that it creates the feeling of a real location in the minds of viewers. It precisely presents all the scenes of a normal American town, but it is fictional. However, it requires a lot of effort to show such a town that resembles a real one to such an extent.

It’s present in the southwest area of Colorado. It’ll take 6 hours to get there by car from Denver.

Examples from Other Popular Shows

Many popular shows had viewers that asked about the filming location of the show. Some shows use the names of some real cities in their scripts, while others may not prefer it.

They use the name of some fictional town or place. Although the filming location does exist, a fictional name is used for that place.

For example, The Vampire Diaries used Mystic Falls, Virginia. But there’s no such town under the name Mystic Falls in Virginia. Rosewood, Pennsylvania was used as a fictional town name.

Now, this show also had a town named Garrison, Colorado. Many fans have been asking whether it’s a fictional one or a real one. Many

Filming Locations At The Ranch

The first scenes are shot in 2 real locations that do exist, i.e., Norwood and Ouray. The shooting is done in an old-fashioned way, but the beautiful hilly surroundings and breathtaking scenery make it extremely attractive.

It shows the life of an unsteady cattle rancher family, consisting of the rancher father, a mother who runs a bar, and 2 brothers.

The central shooting location was the Warner Bros. studios in California, where it gained massive respect from the live audience too.

Real Locations

The real locations are just not under the name Garrison, CL but still, these locations do exist. You can experience the same exciting scenes by visiting these palaces in Colorado. You have a chance to visit Norwood and Ouray.

The show was filmed in front of a live audience. The production has been stopped now, but still, you can entertain yourself with the filming locations. Both of these places provide some exquisite scenes to click memorable pictures with your family.

The rural views made many viewers fall in love with the place, and many visited Ouray, which is regarded as the “Switzerland of America”, to enjoy the rural beauty of the place.

The Ranch is not divided into seasons like most of the Netflix shows, but has parts, and it is listed the same way on Netflix.

The Cattle Ranch

While the town is fictional, the cattle ranch is not. Yes, it is completely functional. To make the scenes more acceptable for the viewers, a real ranch was selected for filming. It exists as a family home.

The cattle ranch

The Bar

Now comes Maggie’s bar. It, too, is a real and functioning bar. Although it’s not under the same name, it’s actually present under the name “141 Saloon” in Colorado.

Maggie’s bar

The stunning beauty of the background scenes has equally contributed, along with the efforts of the production team, to rank the show among the most popular shows.

The word “garrison” is used to describe a place where military troops are stationed and trained. It might be interesting to you to know that Garrison does exist as a city, but not in Colorado. It exists in Minnesota with an area of 1.05 sq. mil. Both of the towns, Norwood and Ouray, are small, and Ouray has very little population, i.e., 1000.

Although it is a fictitious term, many fans of The Ranch became so eager to visit and this term became so widely used that if you Google Garrison, Colorado, it will show you the results of Ouray. This fact indicates the immense popularity of the show.