The internet and cloud computing means that there are certain aspects of entertainment that have changed. No matter what type of entertainment you like to take part in and enjoy, the internet has transformed the way we interact with it. From eReaders to movie streaming, there is a host of entertainment options available.

With that mind, below we explore five international entertainment options – guaranteed to give you an escape and a distraction no matter where you are or what time it is. Some of these will be money-savers, and for others, there may be an associated cost; just make sure that you are well informed and keep within a budget.

International Sport

Sport of any form is available to stream. Your favorite team can be watched on a regular basis, and it doesn’t have to be a huge cost. The idea is to identify the sport you like to watch, and rather than having a broad range of sporting channels, only pay for the matches, fights, or competitions that you want to watch. It’s a ‘pay as you go’, or ‘stream it free’ society out there; as long as you know what you want to watch, you can find it.

Online gaming

Regardless of where you are in the world, you are now able to access some of the top e-sport and online gaming competitions in the world. If you’re not that competitive, then you can still play games internationally no matter where you are in the world, allowing you to game with people from different countries and continents. 

Retro and niche movies

Retro movies are back in a big way, and so are various niche movies of old. The Kung Fu feature and classic TV shows are all the rage and are now available to watch online. It’s about finding the specific niche you enjoy and then accessing the movies or shows you truly enjoy. Retro culture is further becoming big in pop culture, with things such as vinyl and retro gaming growing in popularity, such as casino games. You can find great games at, but be aware that it is 18+ – please gamble responsibly. 

Social clips

The rise of the social short media clip or short-form video has been ongoing and rampant. If you have a mobile device and a few seconds on your hands, you’re able to watch some hilarious clips on the internet, either via social media or through action-specific forums and platforms.

Local and International news

The first business sector to cry foul of the freedom and ease of access associated with the internet and media was the hard news and information magazine sector. Most of the news you need is now available online, and most of it will be free. If it is sector-specific information you need, such as the financial or market information that you may need to subscribe for this, the fact of the matter is that the information is at hand and available.

In an age where the global village has become a reality, and the use and development of technology only serves to make more information and entertainment available, it’s important to know how you too can keep pace with these changes and ensure that you too are part of the information mega village.