Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler is one of the most popular and loved cartoon shows based on the novel by Asura Lin. Even though this novel is full of fantasy, romance, and drama, the strangest and most annoying thing that you find in this book is the crazy behaviors of Renia. She is a strong and energetic character who continuously fights for her goals despite her frequent setbacks. Yet you can find her sad and frustrated at times. She is selfish, and spoiled, and can ruin the lives of other people to achieve what she wants. She can be a prankster and make fun of people. So, why Princess Renia Spoiler is so crazy? Please continue to read this article to know some interesting things about Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler, including her dramatic and painful past and her mental health issues.

Who Is Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler?

Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler is the selfish and spoiled princess of the Pontiano Empire. She is the protagonist of Asura’s novel which is based on the idea of reincarnation. She looks attractive with her dark green eyes and blonde hair. More than her looks, she snatches attraction of people because of her weird and strange behaviors. The most interesting thing about her is that she never gives up until she gets her desired things. She engages in various activities just to get rid of her boredom. However, if you read Asura’s book which consists of five volumes and more than 200 chapters, you will have an idea about why she behaves like this.

Despite she is the only princess of the kingdom, she suffers from serious mental health issues. That is probably because of her childhood crisis. Her journey is about discovering her reality and the hidden truth behind the alleged crime of her mother. We find twists and turns along her journey of seeking truth and peace in her mind. She meets different characters along the way and learns about her past gradually. 

Mental Health Issues of Renia:

Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler continuously tries to run away from her tower and become the supreme leader of the whole world. She believes that she is trapped, which can be one of the main reasons behind her crazy behaviors. So, clearly, she lacks friendship, love, and care in her life. Her loneliness has made her spoiler and crazy. Her mother, Lenia did not spend enough time with her that a kid needs. This has significantly affected her mental health condition. Even we look at our lives, this side of the story is completely relevant. Many of us suffer mental health issues due to a lack of love and care in our childhood.

The Dark Past of Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler:

Despite being born into a wealthy family and living in an expensive palace, Renia had a dark past jam-packed with pain and distress. Her father, Duke Clovis was assassinated and people thought that it was her mother who was responsible for the assassination. Renia will also face the death penalty if she could not prove her mother’s innocence. She was so crazy to discover the truths of her life that she could torture people.

Happy Days as Flowers:

Her life turned in a way that she could no longer experience her happy days as flowers. Earlier she thought it is better to be dead to avoid the painful reality. However, she later realized that she has to deal with this reality. As a human being, she has to suffer mortal pain and there is no way to escape from this. She could only wish for God’s blessings. She wanted to lose all her memories and have a peaceful sleep in the arms of God. 

Asura Lin’s book has many more things to analyze, understand, and think about. However, when we talk about the crazy princess Renia spoiler, we need to understand what made her so crazy. A true understanding of her past will help you not only to enjoy the show but also to recognize the core idea of the book.

Crazy Behaviors of Renia:

Crazy princess Renia spoiler displays various crazy behaviors in terms of communicating with others and misleading them. She also makes fun of women’s breasts, butt, and body weight. She even spreads rumors about people’s sex lives and enjoys insulting them for their sexual orientation. Isn’t this ridiculous? She also does respect someone’s secrets. If you read the book, you can understand that all these crazy behaviors are because of her mental health issues.

The Wicked Princess Renia Spoiler:

Renia Spoiler is a wicked princess who wants to have control of the whole world. She uses her powers to get people’s allegiance. She gathers crucial information about people and plans accordingly against them. She can go far to gather information and know the truth of her life. In fact, she has not only insane behaviors but also a crazy and sharp mind. 


Crazy princess Renia spoiler is not a typical princess that we often see. She is literally a crazy princess with some strange behaviors. She can even take her clothes off and yell out randomly. However, I find some of her behaviors strike our traditional beliefs and conventional systems. After all, this character tells us that a princess is also a human like us and she also has some needs. Crazy Renia does many normal behaviors like us, for instance, she takes care of her pet and cooks food for friends. 

The crazy behaviors of Renia not only make us laugh but also let us think about what causes these crazy behaviors. We understand something is wrong with her. Otherwise, why would she wear underwear on her head or lick chairs? The story of crazy princess Renia spoiler is enjoyable. But I believe that there is more to the story than just fun and enjoyment. If you want to know the real person behind Renia, watch the show with patience.