It is a fact that the birthday of our loved ones makes us feel excited and we prefer to choose the best gift for them. However, the selection of gifts is not an easy thing to do especially if you need to buy gifts within the budget you can afford. You should consider the preferences of your girlfriend for making sure that she gets excited after seeing the gift.

Besides buying a gift for her, you can even throw a themed birthday party too. So, here we have shared some suggestions that are easy to pick. Let’s explore the details:

Wrist Watch

Who doesn’t like wearing a classy wristwatch especially if it is gifted by a special one? You should choose a watch that seems perfect for your loved one and it would be better if you buy it during the sale season because you’ll get a discount.

It is up to you which color you choose however golden shade always goes well with all types of outfits. When you decide to gift a wristwatch, preparing some classy gift baskets is also a great idea as you can keep chocolates, biscuits, and flowers in those baskets. Your girlfriend will surely love the gift.

Customized NoteBook

If your girlfriend loves writing, you can order a customized notebook with the name of your girlfriend printed on the top right corner. This will surely excite her and she will like the idea. You can even order a customized pen with your name and other details.

Customization is not expensive as most companies are serving clients online in this regard. All you need is to simply provide the address details of your girlfriend to the company and pay the bill online. The company will send the parcel via courier service mentioning your name and best wishes.


Getting a gold or diamond ring is always the fantasy of girls and if you can afford the price, a gold ring isn’t a bad idea to give as a gift. You can make her birthday special by inviting her to a candlelight dinner. However, make sure you follow this idea only if you want to propose to her because giving a ring is always a sign of proposing to the other person. Try to choose one of the best designs while buying the ring because you must get the best of the amount invested.


You can break the stereotype by not choosing roses and similar stuff as some girls do not fall for such things. If your girl loves tech gadgets, you can buy a new model of MacBook air for her. It may prove a little expensive but your special one will like it a lot.

You can even choose a classy packaging for the laptop because presenting a gift is a wonderful way to show the other person how much you adore her. Make sure you pre-book the latest model of the laptop for timely delivery.


We know that flowers never disappoint in bringing a smile to someone’s face and if you buy them for your girlfriend, you will surely feel special. Try to choose flowers that she likes the most while making sure that they are fresh enough to smell.


A basket full of chocolates is not a bad idea even if your girlfriend is on a weight loss journey. Make sure you choose a stylish basket and fill it with as many chocolates as you want. A birthday wishing card should also be in the basket and you are all set to surprise her.