Almost 160 million people worldwide use marijuana on a regular basis. The chances of you knowing a weed smoker are good. If you’re looking to give them a great gift to commemorate their love of Mary Jane, we can help.

Keep reading to find the best weed gift ideas this year.

1. A Weed Subscription Box

Why not give your weed-loving friend or family member the gift that keeps on giving? Subscription boxes are all the rage right now and there are plenty of marijuana-centric options for gifting.

Daily High Club is a box that starts at $10 per month. Inside every box, you’ll find rolling and smoking essentials. Upgrade your subscription to premium level for more merch options.

Verma Farms offers CBD lovers a box that starts at $30 per shipment. We love this company because you can build your own custom box full of goodies you know you’ll love. From CBD gummies to oils and topicals, they have you covered.

2. A Weed Cookbook

If your friend finds smoking weed is getting boring, maybe they need to up their game a bit.

Every marijuana connoisseur needs a weed cookbook on their bookshelf. Whether it’s the classic brownie or a fancier weed cuisine, there’s a book for every need.

Bong Appétit from the Editors of Munchies is one of the best weed cookbooks on the market right now. The giftee will learn how to make weed butter-basted meat to chimichurri and everything in between.

The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook from Robyn Griggs Lawrence is an amazing gourmet cookbook. The delicious recipes are suitable for every level. We loved that the author explains how to prepare your meals on the dosage you need.

3. Weed for Their Personality Type

We can’t think of better weed gifts than ganja itself.

If your friend is an imaginative creative, strains like Lemon Cake or Chemdog are great. The former can help with brainstorming and provide a euphoric feeling. The latter is a hybrid that can boost idea amplification.

If you have a friend in college trying to cram for exams, Trainwreck or Cinderella 99 are perfect. Trainwreck provides a cerebral effect for a calming and invigorating high. Cinderella 99 can provide a big burst of energy, exactly what a late-night cram session calls for.

Your athletic friends might stay away from THC and reach for CBD instead. CBD can relieve pain and reduce inflammation making it perfect for athletes with intense training schedules. We recommend the CBD products at as they’re made with athletes in mind.

Weed and movies are a perfect pair so we think film aficionados will love strains like Blue Dreams or Sour Diesel. Blue Dream can help open your mind and read between the lines. Sour Diesel can provide an uplifting cinematic viewing experience while also reducing your stress levels.

Give Unforgettable Weed Gifts

The above weed gifts are sure to be a hit (pun intended) with your Mary Jane-loving friends.

Keep browsing our blog for more great gift ideas for everyone on your shopping list.