It’s time for a summer wardrobe overhaul.

With those glorious warm months just around the bend, it’s about time to put your winter clothes away and unleash your summer wardrobe. If you’re at a loss for what to wear this summer, then we’re here to help.

We’re going to look at summer 2022 fashion trends. It’s been a long two years of separation and isolation, so now that we’re back together, it’s all about enjoying good weather and better times. Keep reading, and you’ll know just what to wear for this celebration summer.

Early Oughts Attire

If you remember the early 00s, then you remember low-waisted jeans, crop-top short-sleeve shirts, and loose-knit crochet. All of that will be coming back around this summer, with the fashion looking like it’s straight out of 2001.

It won’t completely drown out the 90s resurgence that has become a fashion staple in the past few years. We’re still looking at bright colors, corsets, and fanny packs, but with a slight injection of formality.

Brightening Things Up

This is going to be a summer of big, bright colors. Look for oranges, neon greens, blues, and purples, but you can’t deny that pink is going to be the color of the summer. Monochrome fuchsia dominated the Valentino runway show, and we saw hints of it on the red carpet of the Grammys.

We’ll also be seeing a lot of floral and animal print fabrics this summer. A good Hawaiian-style print on a summer dress will be a versatile go-to look, but they’ll make an appearance on guys’ and girls’ button-up short-sleeved shirts as well.

Beach Appropriate

Summer is all about enjoying the hot weather and kicking back on the beach with your friends. This mood is going to work its way into the fashion of summer 2022.

Thong sandals for summer 2022 are a no-brainer, but so are platforms and wedges. Pair your footwear with some low-rise jeans with a crop top or a loose-knit crochet dress, and you’ll look the part.

Casual Vs. Formal

Light and airy summer suits will bring some formality to summer 2022. If doing the entire monochrome or patterned suit isn’t your kind of look, then break it apart and wear your oversized blazer with some styling jean shorts from Twisted Wardrobe Designs.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’re going to continue to see a lot of sportswear out and about. Biker shorts, tracksuits, and polo shirts were a staple of the late-90s/early-00s, and they’re back for more.

Choosing Your Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

These are a few of the summer 2022 fashion trends that we’ll be seeing. Choosing your summer looks can be tough, so follow these tips, and you’ll be turning heads all summer long.

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