If you are a man who is looking to update his style to something both modern and classic, then the fade haircut might be just what you are looking for. Fades are incredibly popular because they are so versatile and it’s hard for them to not look good.

From the way you style the hair on top to the length of your hair, making a fade is as easy as knowing what style you are going for. There are several types of fade haircuts out there so you might not be sure which direction you should go in.

Luckily for you, we are here to help you with just that. So if you would like to learn more then keep on reading and we will take you through everything that you will want to know!

High Fade

A high fade is a modern haircut that starts high up on the head around the temples as opposed to midway above the ears. The hair on the back and sides is usually very short.

Sometimes it is even shaved down to the skin. This is referred to as a skin fade. Because the fade starts high up on the head, we call it a high fade. 

When you ask your barber for this kind of fade, you’ll have a strong contrast between the long hair on top and the short hair on the sides and back of the head. There are a lot of ways to wear this style. 

High Drop Fade

You are already starting to see how different types of fades can be combined to make unique, new styles. With a drop fade, it dips in the back to offer a twist on the classic high fade. 

Medium Fade

A medium fade starts lower down than the high fade. It usually begins midway above the ears. A medium fade is seen as the traditional kind of fade and is what people usually think of when they talk about fade haircuts.

These are clean-cut looks that keep shorter portions of the hair near the bottom for a look that is clean and balanced.

A medium fade can look good with any length on the top and with any kind of hair. 

Low Fade

A high fade starts around the temples and a medium fade halfway above the eras. A low fade has a lower fade line around the ears. This makes the hair seem longer.

The Importance of Knowing About the Different Types of Fade Haircuts for Men

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now understand the different types of fade haircuts for men. As we can see, there are several different kinds of fade haircuts out there that you can try. Talk with your barber to figure out which type is going to look best on you.

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