Kenn Whitaker was a skilled actor and was praised by his followers for making excellent movies and TV shows in his career as an actor. He is known for being the younger brother of Forest Whitaker. Their fans even misunderstood them as twins because of their similar facial features. They are an inspiration to many, even after so many years since Kenn left the glamour world. He is still fresh in his fans’ hearts and equally appreciated. Let’s get deep down inside Kenn Whitaker’s life to learn something more about this extremely talented actor and get inspired.

Bio, age, height, weight

Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker, also known as Kenn Whitaker, was born into the Whitakers family on June 8th, 1963. He belonged to Longview, Texas, USA. This was his birthplace, where he used to stay with his family. Kenn has an American nationality. He belongs to the black ethnicity. If we talk about his body type, he is a tall man, with a height of 178 cm and weighing around 78 kg. His zodiac sign is Gemini. According to his appearance, he has brown eyes and bald hair. His family follows the Christian religion, and so does he. At present, his residence is in Los Angeles, California, USA.


Kenn Whitaker was born into the Whitaker family. There are a total of six members in his family. He is the youngest brother, and the names of the elder brothers are Forest Whitaker and Damon Whitaker. He also has a younger sister, Deborah Whitekar. All the siblings chose acting as their career. His parents are also American, and their names are Forest Steven Jr. (father) and Francis Smith (mother). His father used to sell insurance while his mother was a teacher. Kenns’ family is filled with many young members, such as his nephew and nieces. Some of their names are Sommet Noel Whitaker, True Whitaker, Ocean Whitaker, Autumn Whitaker.

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Early life and education

Kenn was born in Texas. But soon his family shifted to Carson, California, USA for the better opportunities of their children. Beck, then Kenn, was only two. Kenn Whitaker completed his elementary schooling at Palisades Charter High School in Palisades, CA. As he grew up, he started to take an interest in acting. He was not a brilliant student when it came to studies, and later on, he managed to pursue a degree too. Kenn’s elder brother, Forest Whitaker, was practising acting at that time and was praised by their friends and family. Watching his brother grow, Kenn also felt the urge to give it a try. And later, he found out that this is what he wanted to do and pursued his career as an actor. This was his storey of how he came to this profession.

Kenns’s acting career

He got to act in a movie in 1997. The movie was “Most Wanted.” He got a short appearance in it, but as it was his debut film, he was much appreciated by the audience. Unfortunately, the film was not a big hit and also received hatred from critics. The lead actors were Jon Voight and Keenan Ivory. But this was not the end of his career, many big projects were on their way to come. In 1998, his other movie release was “Bulworth,” starring Don Cheadle and Halle Berry. Again, the movie didn’t earn much but got a lot of love among the viewers. The film was a satire on politics and surprisingly received appreciation from the critics. It’s not the end yet; the movie has also been nominated for an Academy Award. It won’t be wrong if we say that it was an important film in his career, as he gained a lot of popularity after the movie was released. Many other movies and TV shows that he did during his acting career were “The Theory of Leisure Class” in 2001, “Life” in 1999, “Party of Five” in 1994-2000, “Tracey Takes On” in 1999, and “strapped” in 1993. He did his last movie in 2001, which was “Last Days.” He had a short role in the movie and it was censored as his last appearance in the film industry because, after that, he hasn’t appeared in any movies or TV shows, not even as a cameo appearance.

Kenns’ brother Forest Whitaker

As we already mentioned earlier, Forest Whitaker was a well known face in the Hollywood film industry. Most people know Kenn Whitaker as being the brother of Forest Whitaker. No doubt Kenn also gave his hundred percent to establish his name and fame in the entertainment industry, unfortunately he was not that successful as his elder brother Forest. Kenn and Forest came into the public eye when a tweet went viral about both of them looking very similar. Some also started thinking of them as identical twins. Actually, they were not totally wrong. Anyone can be confused if they stand together. They look exactly the same. This whole incident also brought Kenn back into the limelight after so long. At that time, he didn’t mention anything about the news at all. Even now, he isn’t active on any social sites and stays private about his personal life.

Forest Whitaker played many iconic roles in his career. His debut role was in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” in 1982, where he performed as a school football player. Actually, Forest was a football player back in his college days. He was involved in sports and everything else. Then, once he got injured, he diverted towards music. But as soon as he realised that it was not in his comfort zone, he took up acting and joined a drama school. While staying in the film industry, he made many connections with big celebs. By and by, he becomes one of them. Forest Whitaker is the inspiration and also the favorite actor of Kenn Whitaker.


There is no information about Kenn getting married or in any relationship. He is very private about his private life, and once he left the industry, He didn’t come into media focus at all.

Net worth

As per sources, his net worth was 1 million dollars in 2021, which he gained from various endorsements that he had done earlier.