Get ready to explore the captivating universe of Kendra Peach, an individual whose life seamlessly intertwines influence, creative content production, and entrepreneurial talent. Kendra Peach has gained recognition for her captivating images and videos about fitness, lifestyle, and fashion. She generously shares these masterpieces on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, attracting many admirers. Kendra often works with her husband, making their videos together. She’s from Los Angeles, and people also notice her solid and healthy body.

But here’s the thing: Who is Kendra Peach when she’s not on camera? Kendra is more than just someone who posts cool stuff online. She is an individual with a captivating tale to share. There exists a facet of her life that remains undiscovered. Come along as we delve into the aspects of Kendra Peach’s life story shedding light on her years of family relationships, noteworthy achievements in her career, and the fascinating intricacies that set her apart as a remarkable figure in the online realm.

Kendra Peach’s age:

In 2023, Kendra Peach, the Instagram star, is around 30 years old and lives in Washington, USA. She hasn’t publicly shared her exact birth year, so her age is not confirmed.

Kendra Peach’s Early Life: 

Kendra Peach’s career beginnings are unclear about the exact year. Kendra shares exclusive content with her fans on different platforms. In 2016, she started her YouTube adventure, and later, along with her husband, they launched more channels, sharing bits of their lives through videos. From 2018 onwards, they’ve made lots of vlogs, giving everyone a peek into their unique off-the-grid lifestyle.

Aside from YouTube, Kendra runs an OnlyFans account, @Kendrapeach, which kicked off in 2021. As of January 2023, it has over 9.5k followers, and fans subscribe to unique content showcasing her physique, bringing in a good income. Even though she’s on Twitter, her primary money source is her successful OnlyFans account.


Kendra Peach hasn’t shared info about her education. We know much about her online career, but her formal education is private.

Kendra Peach’s Family: 

Kendra Peach keeps her family details private, and we don’t know much about her parents or siblings. What we do know is that she’s married to Matthew Segovia. They often appear together on social media, especially on Instagram and YouTube. Working as a team, they share their experiences, challenges, and achievements with everyone.


HusbandMatthew Segovia

Kendra Peach and Matthew Segovia are happily married but haven’t shared their wedding dates. They live in the quiet mountains of Washington and love going on adventures. The couple makes YouTube videos showing their life on their half-acre property. In their vlogs, they talk about everyday challenges and celebrate their wins.

Kendra Peach’s Physical Status: 
Body Measurements36-29-37
Height5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m)
Weight70 kg
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde

Career Journey:

Kendra Peach, the fitness star, got really popular on Instagram. She runs two accounts, mostly sharing fitness stuff. On her Insta, you’ll find workouts indoors and sometimes cool outdoor adventures in the woods. The Viking Princess isn’t just about workouts; she’s also intelligent about making money. Kendra teams up with different brands, promotes their products and does deals to earn some cash.

In 2016, Kendra Peach started on YouTube. Later, with her husband, they made more channels. In 2018, they created many films about their lives and did many video blogs together.

The adult actress also operates an OnlyFans account under the handle @Kendrapeach, which she launched in 2021. As of January 2023, Kendra Peach has more than 9.5k followers on this platform. People subscribe to see unique content about her body, and this helps her make a lot of money. While she maintains a presence on Twitter, her primary source of income is her thriving OnlyFans account.

Kendra Peach’s Net Worth:

Kendra Peach makes money in different ways. We checked her profiles, and she earns as a YouTuber by creating adult content on subscription platforms. People pay to subscribe and see her content. 

Estimated Monthly Income: $20,000

Total Net Worth: $2 million

Even though we don’t know exactly how much Kendra Peach makes from YouTube, a big part of her money comes from ads and sponsorship deals in her content creation job.

Social Media Presence:

Twitter, Peach joined in August 2021 and has made more than 100 tweets. She follows 15+ people, and more than 51K people follow her.

Kendra Peach is active on different social media platforms.


On TikTok, where her username is @kendrapeach, she has 178.7 million views.


She has 91K subscribers on YouTube with 307 videos, and her channel is @Kendraoffgrid3.


On Instagram, she has 180K followers with the username @thevikingpeach. Kendra Peach is very active on Instagram, using it to share various content, including promoting her YouTube videos and content on OnlyFans. She even includes a link, to her OnlyFans page, in her Instagram bio, making it convenient for her followers to access her content. Currently, she has posted 111 times on her Instagram account, @thevikingpeach.

Apart from Instagram, Kendra is also on other platforms like TikTok and X (formerly known as Twitter).


In conclusion, Kendra Peach’s life is a fascinating mix of digital influence, fitness endeavors, and entrepreneurial ventures. Through Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, she shares cool pictures and videos that resonate with many. Working with her husband, Kendra adds a personal touch to her content. Despite her public presence, the real Kendra Peach remains a mystery—more than an online persona, she’s a regular person with a unique story waiting to be uncovered. 

As we journey through her biography, glimpses of her early life, family dynamics, career milestones, and personal details unfold. Her age, education, and family remain private, adding an air of mystery. With a thriving career in fitness, content creation, and substantial net worth, Kendra Peach’s story goes beyond social media fame. Join us as we peel back the layers, discovering the woman behind the photos and videos, weaving a comprehensive portrait of Kendra Peach’s captivating life.