June Baranco is the former wife of American journalist Bryant Gumbel. Besides being a journalist Bryant Gumbel is also a sportscaster and worked in NBC Today as a co-host for 15 long years. He received 4 Emmy awards for his excellent performance as a sports reporter for different TV channels. June Baranco got the public attention due to her relationship with celebrity journalist Bryant Gumbel.

She is not a regular face on television like her former husband but still a known one by many. June Baranco is an artist and business woman by profession in California. There are more interesting facts to know about June and her husband Bryant in the article. Please Keep reading.

Bio, Birthday, Age

June Baranco’s actual name is June Carlyn Baranco. Most people know her for being the former wife of sports journalist Bryant Gumbel.  Her date of birth is 22 June 1948.  At present June Baranco is a 73 years old lady. Her birth took place  in the United States by her parents. June’s mother’s name is Jeannie Baranco and father is Joseph Baranco. Unfortunately her father is no longer alive. Though born in the United States she was raised in Baton Rouge, louisiana. June is a fair complexion beautiful woman with blond hair style. She belongs to Cajun race of Louisiana.

June is the only girl child to her parents and has two brothers namely Darryl Baranco and Joseph Baranco. June’s parents were blessed with another boy, Joe Baranco but unfortunately he died while serving the country.  Joe was the recipient of two purple hearts as a US army veteran. Besides this he also received the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal. The Brave soul Joe was martyred on 4th Feb 2006.

Early Life and Education

June Baranco was raised in Louisiana by her parents. She pursued her schooling and senior studies at Louisiana. June accomplished a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Louisiana State University. It was the year 1971 when she completed her fine arts degree. She used to spend her childhood days practicing sewing by hand. She had an aunt named Eura who used to work as a seamstress, who taught her this art of hand sewing.


June Baranco is a successful business woman. She is running her hat brand named Geaux Chapeaux. Her business resides in Westchester County, New York. She deals in handmade hats, head pieces and many other products. She always had a special love for hats and their making.  June believes that her hats help different women to express their feelings, passion and confidence. Her collection has such a huge demand that it made its way up to the Royal wedding in 2018. At present June Baranco is utilising all her time and effort in growing her business further. June is also an artist. She loves to experiment with different mediums of colours. June is also part of art clubs such as The Pastel Society, The Portrait Society, the Salmagundi Club, Artist Fellowship, The Katonah Museum Artist Association in Katonah, NY.


June and Bryant met in the 1960s. They were introduced by a common friend. The woman was Bryant’s brother’s girlfriend. As soon as they met, Baranco found Bryant extremely attractive. She got to meet Bryant in Chicago before their actual meeting once. Since then he was on her mind. As the days passed their relationship became Deep and they started dating. In the early stage of their relationship they had nothing more to share but love. Bryant was working as a writer in a sports magazine in Manhattan’s upper West side. June Baranco used to visit him from Louisiana to his little apartment in Manhattan.

As their bond grew stronger and even Bryant’s parents were impressed with June’s understanding nature, they thought of taking their relationship to the next level.

After dating for about a decade June and Bryant got married in 1973 in Baton Rouge, LA. In Woodland hills, Calif they took their first house. Then in Calabasas and Manhattan. They successfully started their happy married Life. June Baranco and Bryant Gumbel gave birth to two children. Their first child Bradley was born in 1979 and their daughter, Jillian born in 1983.

Both the children are doing well in their lives. Jillian is a mother of two children and has been working as a health trainer. Bradley was a basketball star and also an event planner worker. Sadly Bradley had falsely accused twice as a mugger.

June and Bryant’s divorce

Their nuclear family was living happily Until after spending 28 years together as a married couple Baranco and Bryant decided to get separated. They filed divorced. In 2001 they got legally divorced. Though they were officially separated in 2001 the couple was mentally separated long ago. From the mid 90s Baranco was thinking of ending their relationship. Many sources claim that they didn’t even spend the last few of their anniversaries and birthdays together. Their children were the only reason to be together but at the end every suffering has a limit.

According to sources the reason behind the unexpected end of this long relationship was cheating. June Baranco claimed that her husband cheated on her with model Hilary Quinlan. He had been cheating her for a long time. And soon after their devorce he moved in with his model girlfriend. When the couple were inquired about their separation Baranco claimed that Bryant cheated her all through their marriage and Bryant’s statement States that he got his Life back again. The relationship didn’t end on a happy note at all.

Net worth

June Baranco’s estimated net worth is $5million. She is earning from her hat business as well as her paintings. At present she is living in California. June has been running her business from there. Another source of her income is Baranco and Bryant’s divorce contract. The official order made June’s ex husband liable for paying her $5million