Deon Derrico is a reality television celebrity and an American real estate investor.He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Devon is best known for his role as Deon Derrico in the TLC program Doubling Down With the Derricos, which covers the daily lives of his family. He is starring in the film with his wife, Karen Derico, and their fourteen biological children.

Net worth

Deon’s net worth is $6 million, while Karen’s is $500,000. With food costing as much as $3,500 a month, numerous fans have questioned the family’s net worth and income. Deon has been in charge of various enterprises for just over four years, including Deon Derrico Entertainment when he first relocated to Hollywood. Deon went on to become the CEO of Derricodew Corporation, a property management firm, in 2010. After a successful career in business, his foray into reality television has only increased his earnings. Karen has accumulated a sizable net worth as one of the “most renowned mothers in the United States,” according to reports.


In the year 2020, Deon Derrico will be 37 years old. He was born in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan, on September 16, 1983. On September 16th, he celebrates his birthday. Virgo is his zodiac sign.Deon Derrico is a character in the film Deon Derrico Height. Deon is a tall, slender man with a good build. He is 6 feet 1inch tall (185.42 cm) and weighs a whopping 89 kg (196.21 lbs.).

Family of Deon Derrico

Eddie and Marian Derrico, Deon’s parents, reared him in Detroit. His parents, on the other hand, divorced when he was 13 years old. His father is a businessman who resides in Detroit and operates a construction firm. His mother, who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, manages a hair shop. His maternal grandmother, who resides in Detroit, reared him. He has one elder brother or sister.


Deon attended public schools in Detroit, including the renowned Cooley High School. He also majored in Drama in high school. He went to public schools in Detroit, including the well-known Cooley High School. Throughout high school, he majored in acting. Deon’s beautiful features got him the starring role in Not another Gospel Play in Detroit. To fund his acting profession, he became a hairdresser and salon owner, as well as owning and operating other minor companies.

Is Deon Derrico married or unmarried?

Deon Derrico is blissfully married to Karen Derrico. The couple first met in 2002 and have been together since. They have fourteen biological children, whom they are very proud of. Deon appears on the TLC blockbuster show doublingdown with the Derricos, which covers his family’s everyday lives, with his wife and children. They have a total of 14 children. Darian, their 14-year-old daughter, Derrick, their nine-year-old son, and their eight-year-old twins Dallas and Denver are the couple’s children.

Family and Relationships of Deon Derrico

•        Father (Dad): Eddie Roberts

•        Mother: Marian Derrico

•        Marital Status: Married

•        Wife/partner: Married to Karen Derrico

•        Children:  14 children

Deon Derrico’s professional life

Eddie Derrico, his father, is a construction firm entrepreneur who lives in Detroit, Michigan. Marian Derrico, his mother, is a hairstylist who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Deon’s grandma (his mother’s mother), who was instrumental in his upbringing. When Deon was 13 years old, his parents split. He went to public schools in Detroit, including the well-known Cooley High School. Throughout high school, I studied acting.

Make a career as an actor

Deon’s beautiful features made him a central figure in the Not Other Gospel Play in Detroit. To fund her acting career, he worked as a hairdresser and salon owner, as well as owning and running other small companies. United was formed in 2002 by Karen Carter-Derrico and Karen Carter-Derrico. Devin’s two-year-old daughter, Darren, is named after Devon’s mother, Marian. Karen runs a childcare business in Las Vegas in her daughter’s name. Darwin is the 17-year-old foster son of Derrico, Karen and Deon. Deon Derrico lives in Hollywood, California, where he started what will continue his career and, shortly after arriving, landed in his first film. He later joined Deon Derrico Entertainment, Inc. Is an umbrella corporation for a diverse company that offers acting classes, a production company, and film and television programming productions.

Derrico, Deon to Shows Doubled

Deon is not just an investor, but also a reality TV personality. He is a regular on TLC’s Doubling down with the Derricos. He is also an actor; after coming to California, he earned his first acting part and founded Deon Entertainment, Inc., which is the umbrella organization for a diverse firm that offers acting workshops, a talent agency, and the production of film and television content.

Jobs for Deon and Karen Derrico

Deon is a real estate investor and Karen is a stay-at-home parent.Before taking on his present profession, Derrico’s father worked as a bus driver and the proprietor of an entertainment firm.He was a hairdresser and salon owner while driving buses and later had various modest companies to fund his acting career.Karen used to operate a childcare facility in Las Vegas, but when the quintuplets were born, she gave it up to become a full-time stay-at-home mother.

How much money do they earn?

The Derricos are supposed to have a lot to pay for every year as parents of 14 children, from toilet paper to adequate food at the dinner table.At least $25,000 each episode is required.Deon has even set up a barbershop in the family’s garage to cut his boys’ hair, saving them money on professional trims.

He and his wife are both business owners.

He and his wife have their own company. His wife was the owner of a childcare business named after their daughter. The daycare facility is located in Las Vegas. He is the owner of Deon Derrico Entertainment, a company that includes several different businesses such as acting schools and talent agencies. He was also the owner of a hair salon. His work as a real estate investor and reality television personality is his principal source of income. He has amassed a large wealth from numerous sources of income, yet he wants to live a humble lifestyle.

Words towards the end

Over the last three weeks, TLC’s Doubling Down with the Derricos has doubled in popularity. Everyone is curious about the renowned family and their 14 children. Deon and Karen have received acclaim for their parenting from all across the world, and the Derricos are no exception.

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