Bill Arriaga is the husband of legendary singer and composer Selena Quintanilla’s sister, Suzette Quintanilla. Selena Quintanilla is regarded as the queen of Tejano music. She was there with her family in their band, which was their only source of income. Selena’s sister, Suzette, was also a part of their band. Moreover, she plays drums and is also a percussionist. The family struggled a lot until Selena became a big name in the music industry. There is a lot more to know about Bill Arriaga and his in-laws. Keep reading

Bio, Height, Weight, Age

Bill Arriaga was born in the 1960s, so on the basis of this information, we can say that the man must be in his mid 50s. Bill Arriagas’ birthplace is America, USA, and, accordingly, his nationality is also American. The man belongs to a white ethnicity. He weighs around 68 kg. As we can see in his photographs, he must be 5 feet and 8 inches long. He has a fair complexion, and his hair and eyes are brown and black, respectively. He is married to Suzette Quintanilla, who is a musician by profession. They also have a child together.


Bill has a total of 3 members in his family. He, his wife, and their son. His wife, Suzette Quintanilla, as we already mentioned earlier, was a well-known musician, percussionist, and drummer. Her father was a musician as well, and her whole family used to earn money from performing music here and there. Suzettes father band got more fame as her sister Selena started to get huge recognition among their fans. Soon, the whole family became famous, and they are regarded as celebrities by now. But unfortunately, Suzette’s sister, Selena, was murdered when she was just 23 years old. The Grammy winner’s sister’s death took a toll on Suzette too, and sadly, she decided to quit music. At present, she is working for Q-Productions, which is a Latin entertainment company, and she took an active part in handling Selena’s museum, which is situated in Corpus Christi, Texas. Bill and Suzette also had a child named Jovan Arriaga, who was born in 1998 on March 5th in the United States of America. He belongs to the white ethnicity and his nationality is American, like his father. The boy is now in his early 20s. Because the man, Bill Arriaga, is very secretive about his personal life, there is not much information about his parents or his past life.

Education and Career

Bill Ariagga isn’t very open about his personal information regarding his education and career. Even after having a wife who is quite a public figure, he seems to be very conservative about his profession and career. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find any source of his income. As he was born in America, he must have completed his studies in America. The name of his school, college, or any other information is still hidden. Thus, it’s hard to tell what he’s up to.


For 28 years, Bill has been in a marital relationship with Suzette. They got married in 1993. The couple is still happily married and one can say from the Suzettes’ posts on Instagram that they are growing day by day. They look happy with their boy and living together in peace. They first met when they were young and soon started to date each other. It’s been heard that Bill used to attend her concerts to cheer her up. He also used to put flowers on her way back home after the concert. He was such a romantic boyfriend. Soon they got closer to each other. Then, in 1993, they decided to get married, and since that day till today, their love is still the same.

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Bill’s sister-in-law‘s murder

Selena Quintanilla is a superstar in the music industry. She made the whole Quintanilla family proud with her vocal quality. Her legacy is celebrated even today, after so many years since her death. But it was not a natural death. Rather, she was murdered by a lady whom she trusted the most. Selena’s growth was not that smooth. She had to give up on her studies when she was just 11 to pursue her music career. Soon, she participated in her father’s music band, and they used to perform in different places on different occasions. Her father, Abraham Quintanilla, recognised her potential and pushed her to take music seriously. It was not too late when the very talented Selena got what she deserved for her hard work. Her listeners started growing day by day, and as a result, she reached the peak of success. But then she met a woman named Yolanda. The woman made her own band and took control of the finances of the band into her own hands. Then one day, the Quintanilla family found something wrong in her management of finances and official work of the band and decided to fire her from the job. The dangerous woman one day called Selena to meet her in a hotel to hand her some important papers. But there was something else on her mind. She shot her there and let her die, covered in blood. This woman, Yolanda, was soon arrested by the police. Guess who was the bridesmaid in Bill and Suzette’s marriage? It’s this lady, Yolanda. There is also a Netflix series based on Selena named Selena: the Series. Bill has talked about his relationship with Selena. But he didn’t reveal much about himself. Suzette is also a co-producer of that series.

Net worth

Bill Arriaga’s profession, as well as his source of income, is hidden. There is no information on what he does to make a living, but according to some sources, it has come to light that his net worth is 1.5 million dollars. He is enjoying a lavish life but is not active on any social media platforms from where we can get a glimpse of his life. Thus, the source of his net worth is still under cover.