From corporate settings to restaurants, hand dryers are used in many restrooms to help guests dry off their hands after washing them.

A recent Harvard study found that using hand dryers is equally as hygienic as using paper towels.

Read on to learn about some of the different types of hand dryers so you can choose the one that’s right for your needs.

Types of Hand Dryers: Hands Under

A “hands under” hand dryer type is just like the name implies: users place their hands underneath the air nozzle, and the dryer turns on. These types of hand dryers typically have a motion sensor that turns them on whenever they detect any movement.

This hand dryer style forces air downward, allowing the user to turn their hands over several times until they’re completely dry. To ensure that your hands dry off faster, avoid rubbing them together. You can find these and other hand dryers available for purchase at

Push-Button Hand Dryers

Newer hands-under hand dryers have a motion sensor, while older designs typically rely on the user pushing a large button. To start the dryer, simply push the button forward until the motor starts to run and produce warm air.

Many new hand dryers contain powerful motors, but a push-button hand dryer tends to be a bit weaker. This means it may take some more time to ensure that your hands are completely dry.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly hand dryer style, this could be a good option. It’s important to note that due to the lower power, these hand dryers run longer, which may result in higher energy costs overall.

Blade Style Hand Dryers

This modern hand dryer design is great for a commercial restroom or high-end restaurant. Featured in a hands-under style, it uses a special design that delivers a fast dry thanks to a V-shaped blade of air.

Not only are blade dryers sleek and modern, but they’re also compact and visually appealing while drawing less air, creating more quiet operation. The slot size is just large enough for your hands, but its slender shape allows it to be mounted closer to the wall.

The high-velocity output makes blade hand dryers a great choice for quick drying. In combination with its quiet operation, contemporary design, and energy-saving motor, this makes it one of the best hand dryers for professional restrooms and other luxurious settings.

Find Your Hand Dryer Today

Whether it’s a sleek blade design, a push-button, or a hands-under style with a motion sensor, keep these types of hand dryers in mind when you’re looking to add one to your restroom. A quality hand dryer will ensure that your guests or employees are keeping their hands dry and sanitized.

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