Your business’s culture is very important. Around 74% of workers think that company culture is the biggest factor in job satisfaction. If your employees aren’t satisfied with your company, then they’ll likely find employment elsewhere. 

Company culture is the social operating system that influences how your employees work with the community, your customers, and each other. It can make your business suffer or thrive. With that in mind, you should put a lot of focus on improving your company culture. 

We’re going to talk about our top tips for growing your company culture. This isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort, but you’ll be pleased with the results. 

Ask for Feedback

Not sure where to get started making changes? One of the things you can do is conduct a survey of your employees. Surveys help you understand your employees’ challenges and concerns in a timely way. You can find out what your company is doing well and areas you can improve. 

Look at Your Core Values

A solid company culture stems from a set of values. These values should guide everything, from business decisions to behavior. If you’re having problems with your values, it might be because they’re not relevant or you have too many. 

Your leaders and employees should relate to your values. They should be something they can naturally practice in and out of work. Keep it to around five or fewer values. Any more than that and your employees won’t remember them. 

Help Your Employees Connect

Connection and communication are important, even if your employees are remote. These opportunities help promote trust, which increases employee retention and improves your culture. 

Some examples of ways you can help your employees connect include:

  • Remote movie watch parties
  • Virtual escape rooms
  • Team lunches
  • One-on-one chats

These activities show your employees that non-work-related tasks are as valuable as work ones. You can also create Slack channels that are focused on non-work topics. Give your workers the chance to talk about things that aren’t related to projects. 

Promote Career Advancement

Giving feedback and celebrating your employees is important. You also want to want to show positive recognition in the form of raises and career advancements. Most employees leave a company because they want a new career opportunity that offers them a better title and more money. 

Show your workers that you have a transparent career growth plan for each of them. Note what steps they should take to advance their career. Have their goals be part of the one-on-one chats you have with them. If there aren’t any open positions for them to move to, give them training opportunities where they can grow their skill set. 

Reduce Employee Turnover by Improving Your Company Culture

You want your staff to be happy with all aspects of their job. If they’re not, they’ll likely find other opportunities. Growing your company culture is a great way to ensure they’re working in a positive environment. Listen to what your team has to say and implement their feedback as you see fit.