In the last few years, both hybrid and entirely remote working options have been rolled out in every size, scope, and industry throughout the world of business.

There are, undeniably, a lot of advantages to hybrid and remote working, both for employers and their employees, but engagement and satisfaction levels can sometimes suffer. With this in mind, continue reading for top tips on how to boost employee satisfaction for remote workers.

Ensure They Are Provided with the Correct Equipment

First and foremost, the nature of the company and the individual job roles your remote employees are assigned to denote the equipment and computing software they need.

It would help if you made sure that every member of your remote team is not only provided with the correct hardware and software but also that they are fully trained and aware of any updates and changes to such programs.

Furthermore, you may well want to review the different sorts of programs you use to ensure they are suited to remote-working protocol, with the following being some excellent suggestions for upgrades:

  • Project Management Tools
  • Cloud Storage
  • Video Conferencing
  • Brainstorming
  • Focus & Time Tracking Applications

Reward Them for Exceeding Expectations

Even if you are in charge of hundreds of workers, the truth is that, even though they may only represent a number to your business, they are each singularly dedicating their working life to your company, and loyalty should always be rewarded.

Take a look at Maple Gifts and other reputable and established online gift stores for affordable yet meaningful gifts to provide your dedicated and hardworking members of staff, and look for smaller items that can be easily sent in the mail.

Ask Them for Feedback

Suppose there is a common issue occurring in the daily working lives of your remote workers on a regular basis which is either impeding their output or negatively affecting their efficiency levels in some way. In that case, the only way you are going to learn of this at manager level is if you actively encourage feedback.

Two-way communication is an essential component of good business practice, and understanding your employees’ needs and suggestions for change will greatly enhance both their experience and yours as a company.

You could also look into ways and means of measuring employee engagement for your remote workers by using such online software packages as Pulse Surveys, 360 Surveys, or ENPs.

Promote Emotional Wellbeing & Healthier Lifestyles

Finally, you will already be fully aware of both your legal and moral obligations to ensure the healthy emotional wellbeing of your employees. Yet, the difficulty comes when you have one or more members of the team who work remotely on a permanent basis.

Make sure you hold more regular one-to-one meetings to discuss their progress and allow them space to voice their concerns, work towards fostering a healthy work-to-life balance for senior employees who always seem to be ‘online,’ and schedule video conferences with a mixture of remote and office staff.

With these tips, you’ll be able to boost satisfaction amongst your remote workers, which will help employee retention figures.