Did you know in the year 2020, in the United States, immigrants made up 13.7% of the population?

The goal of these people is to find freedom and safety for their families and themselves in the United States. There are many ways this can be possible, and one, in particular, is the Special Immigrant Visa program.

What is a special immigrant visa, and how can it help you and your family immigrate to the United States? Only by reading on can you find out the answer.

Read on to learn more about these visas and how they work.

What is a Visa?

A Visa is an entry requirement for foreign citizens to travel to and stay in a particular country. It specifies the time it allows the holder to be in the country and the activities it permits them to undertake.

What is a Special Immigrant Visa?

These visas are available to immigrants who have been persecuted in their home countries or who have been victims of human trafficking.

If you believe you may be eligible for a Special Immigrant Visa, contact a helpful website on immigration services to learn more about this visa category and whether you qualify.

The Benefits of a Special Immigrant Visa

SIV holders and their dependent family members are eligible for many of the same benefits as other immigrants to the United States, including permanent residency and eventually citizenship.

They are also eligible for certain American government benefits, such as healthcare, education, refugee assistance, and asylum. Other benefits are loans and grants from the federal government and naturalization after five years.

The Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must have served in the U.S. armed forces for at least 12 months, or the U.S. Government employed them for at least 18 months. Also, they’re in a position that provides them access to restricted information.

The applicant must have left their employment voluntarily or been involuntarily separated from their position because of their affiliation with the U.S. Armed Forces or government.

Finally, the applicant must show that they’re at risk of persecution or torture in their home country because of their affiliation with the U.S. Armed Forces or government.

The Process of Applying for an SIV

The Special Immigrant Visa process is available for certain foreign nationals who have provided faithful and valuable service to the U.S. Government in Iraq and Afghanistan. Individuals who may be eligible for an SIV must first apply for a petition with USCIS.

Once the petition is approved, the individual must apply for a US visa with the Department of State. If approved, they will grant individuals a Special Immigrant Visa and can come or move to the US.

Apply for a Special Immigrant Visa Today

What is a special immigrant visa? A Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) is a type of immigrant visa available to certain individuals who have served the U.S. Government in specific ways.

SIVs are accessible to civilians who have worked with the U.S. armed forces or under a U.S. Government-sponsored program in Iraq or Afghanistan and to certain family members of these individuals.

If you think you might be eligible for a special immigrant visa, research the requirements and begin the application. You can also contact an immigration lawyer for help.

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