Did you know that snowboarding was first created in the 1960s? Since then, it has become one of the most popular winter sports and people of all ages enjoy it.
Over time, manufacturers have developed different types of snowboards to meet the needs of different riders. While many boards may look similar on the surface, there are actually several distinct categories that can help you choose the best board for your own style and skill level. There are so many reputed brands in the market and one such name that you can consider is Bataleon snowboards
Let’s take a closer look at the different ones available so you can choose the best snowboards for your needs.

Freeride Snowboards

Freeride snowboards are great for both on-and off-piste riding.
They typically have directional shapes with a longer nose than tail, allowing riders to easily get over bumps and powder while still having the ability to carve down the slopes. These boards may be stiffer and more stable than other types, making them ideal for experienced riders who are looking for more control in their runs while going snowboarding.

Freestyle Snowboards

For those looking to do some tricks or jumps in the terrain park, freestyle snowboards are the way to go.
These boards typically have a twin shape with equal nose and tail lengths that make it easier to land jumps or switch your direction. They come with a softer flex which makes them easier to turn and helps absorb the impact of hard landings.

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All-Mountain Snowboards

All-mountain snowboards are for riders who want one board to do everything, from carving down groomed slopes to hitting the terrain park. They typically have an all-around directional shape with a longer nose than the tail and midsized waist widths, making them well-suited for both carving and jumping.

As such, they’re a great option for those who are looking for something well-rounded.


Splitboards are snowboards that can be separated into two parts so they can be used as touring skis. This is great for riders who want to explore the backcountry and access far-off places that can’t be reached by ski lifts or chairlifts.

Splitboards come with special bindings and splitboard skins so they can easily be converted into skis while touring up a mountain.

How Do I Choose the Best One For Me?

The best snowboard for you depends on your skill level and the kind of riding you plan to do. If you’re an experienced rider looking to take on more challenging terrain, a freeride board is a great option.
For those who want to ride in the terrain park or do some tricks, a freestyle board is ideal. If you’re looking for a board that can handle both groomed and ungroomed runs, an all-mountain board should suit your needs.
 If you plan to explore the backcountry, then a splitboard is the best choice.

Keep These Types of Snowboards in Mind

Although it might seem complicated at first, choosing from the best types of snowboards is much easier than it seems. As long as you keep the above information in mind, you’ll be sure to meet your needs.
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