Are you one of the craziest snapchant maniac and always on the race to beat the highest streak scorers around the world?  Then here you are with the all you need to know about the tricks and tips for making you dream of being a champion of longest snapchat streak.

If you are always intrigued for keeping your streak alive it’s as simple as if you could ever imagine. You may find hacker software for Snapchat to know more about your competitors. On a very busy day when you almost skip all you essentials everyday works still you will be manage to save streak going;;  just a shot of your pet or a beautiful picture of the sky through your window or may be blank  background stick some emojis and you are done.

what is snapchat streak

one snapchat feature that has revolutionized the idea of impermanence was often recognized with the use of snaptchat, tear to shred. The way people communicate through snapchat has become more efficient during this pandemic, from a kindergartener to grownups all shot in arm with innovative incentives by virtue of social media like snapchat streaks.  and how they connect socially by adding some innovative incentives like the Snapchat Streaks. When two people snap among them every day, they keep a track on how much they have held on the streak on friend’s username this is what will be known as snapchat score. However if one skips a day snapping the person streak immediately ends eventually gets back to square one which means both the people must be equally interested on this.

Some tips on keeping your streaks alive

A reminder on phone, computer or just a sticky note on the desktop and you would be surprised to find how easy is remember to do it every day within a couple of weeks.Do not forget to ping the other person if they haven’t snap back  within the given time, send them a message or phone or anything so that they can know you are waiting for their snap. Snapchat will let you know if you are running out of time by flashing a hour glass icon beside your connection, which will help you to stop your streak dying to certain extent. Officially Snapchat hasn’t published the exact duration; you probably can find appearing the hour glass five hours before it dies. But always remember the motto is to become the top swagger and hold the world record for longest snapchat streak.

  1. The more you absorb things around the more pro you will become on clicking exciting pictures. Try to nurture your inner artist and observe nature to the fullest you will get a plenty of astonishing ideas that you have never thought your life. Just a dry leaf lying on the street can give you an amazing shot when you are on the way back to your home from groceries store.
  2. The most crucial part is planning you can’t miss this find someone who is as much as enthusiast as you are. If one of you miss just a day then and there you rules out of the game. When you close to your goal just a day of ignorance can lead to entirely out of track! But always you have scope to start afresh.
  3.  Don’t ever procrastinate if you have something spiffy and cool just send it right away to you friend. No matter what on earth he may have been doing that time. Keep in mind; you might not get the opportunity later. It takes few seconds to send a snap to someone, so just does it.
  4. Grab as much as snap buddies as you can this will take you long way to accomplish you target sooner. More buddies will spike up chance of winning. Don’t forget to choose the one who is as aficionado of snapchat streak as you are.

 About streak reward

Generally, snapchant doesn’t offer any prizes or awards instead it just appreciate the winner and materializes a sense of being achieved. However they exceptionally congratulated you when fully accomplinish the 100 days. And finally you build your snapchat score which shows the extensive use of their application more than your fellow companion. Additionally, they will open some trophies which may or may not be relevant to your snapchat streaks. Probably, unlocking these trophies will some cause increment to snapchat score?

If you are a huge fan of snapchat you will delighted to know that while you reach a certain score you will continue unlocking new exciting verities of emojis on the basis of people interact. Solely, you will access those emojis friend with lower scores cant utilize those. So as soon as you acquire all of them your app becomes versatile and super engaging. You just have to fasten your belt and keep digging on it to the core. Remember creativity is the key. 

Snapstreaks : should we be worried?

This application helps user to make snaps and clips with their contacts. It is basically built to encourage feeling of friendship and compassion or sometimes competition which is completely healthy for teenager or for any age. To show the extremely dear fellowship among their contacts or be it show the rivalry snapchat streaks is the most favourite  platform for the young generation, even adults are outstanding the generation gap and learning utilize this app and participating in snapchat streaks compitetion as worlds play ground is shrinked into this portable telephone and every individual irrespective to age can take part on this game.  But their could be some major concerns, even though snapchat has clearly mentioned in its terms and policies  that snapstreaks are only intended to get user to collaborating among them. Perhaps there was suspicion that should be applied to the ‘skinner box” the only mode to deal with social media. Likewise snapstreaks could be addictive for children with very early age so while using them considering parental control application is another way. In case if you are enough aware of your kids companion and the conversation there always an option to to directly contact with the snap chat authorities. However if there is any other unlawful segments included ,for example taking advantages or pornography on snapchat, immediate measure are taken for the fixation of all the security terms  and condition mentioned before.