Laser cutting was once a futuristic concept. Nowadays, using a laser is standard in some industries. In 2020, the global laser cutting machine market was worth $3.37 billion.

Today, laser technology is one of the most popular cutting methods used for any material. Thus, laser cutting is an ideal metal fabrication method for industrial tubes.

Do you wish to learn how tube laser cutting works? Keep on reading as this guide will walk you through the basics of tube laser cutting.

Industrial Tube Laser Cutting

Cutting tubes, structural shapes, or channels have transformed through laser technology. A laser can cut industrial pipes to the length essential to the process. Moreover, it can cut holes and patterns in the metal tubes.

Most metals can absorb the energy of a laser beam, causing the tube in the laser beam’s path to heat up and melt fast. The entire laser beam will melt through it if the laser intensity is high enough. A high-pressure air jet removes the metal as it melts.

It results in smooth and straight edges with the minor heat-affected zone.

Laser Tube Cutting Machines

Laser tube cutting machine comes in types to meet specific cutting requirements.

A two-axis machine cuts tubes in two dimensions. It cuts the metal tubes to specific lengths. It’s also helpful to create features and junctions to connect tube parts.

A laser tube cutter with three axes can cut tubes in three dimensions. This type is essential in chamfering and tilt cutting.

Advantages of Tube Laser Cutting

Laser tube cutting technology offers a lot of advantages. When considering tube laser cutting for your operations, here are a few to note.


Traditional cutting methods are a hassle and sometimes inaccurate. The precision tube lasers provided will not need any secondary operation. When the materials come off the machine, rest assured they’re ready for use or assembly.


Tube laser cutting can handle a wide range of tube sizes and forms. It can cut the tubing diameter you need from less than an inch to 9 inches. It can also cut rectangular tubes to up to 9 inches.

There are no issues with tube laser cutting about the shape, size, or thickness of metal. The wide range of applications it can handle shows the machine’s versatility.


With one machine, you can cut to length and create intricate shapes. There are no other tools required. It eliminates the need to replace sections or parts, increasing your workflow.

Laser tube cutters lessen waste by using a single piece of raw metal for all sections. It will also reduce your project’s cost. Visit for efficient tube laser cutting.


The automation cuts down on manual work and speeds up the process. Using a laser tube cutter will make your production line less expensive.

Achieve Precision Through Tube Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has moved a needle for industrial operations. This precise cutting technique works for various materials in all shapes and sizes.

Now you know how tube laser cutting works. Use it for your industrial projects for more precise work.

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