There are a lot of things we all know when it comes to computers. One of them is that computers will get slow over time. How to speed up Mac is an important question many of you have on your mind. Believe it or not, all of this is possible, and it is easier than you may believe. Here we will reveal the tips and tricks you can use to make your Mac usable for much longer.

Remove Junk And Temporary Files

This is the simplest trick and the one you may want to try right now. All you have to do is to use software to remove the junk files, old files, and temporary files from your Mac. There are a lot of free tools of this kind to do this. What this does is decrease the stress on the memory, CPU, and operating system. Your computer will work much better in no time.

You should empty the trash bin as well to remove additional junk files. Keep in mind that in some cases, you may encounter a trash not emptying issue on your Mac. If that happens, you will need to follow a set of steps in order to solve the problem. This can make your Mac run better as well and faster.

Kill Demanding Processes

Your mac has countless processes running all the time. Some of them are too much for your old computer. How to make my Mac run faster? Well, just kill or end these processes, and you can see the difference. Go to utilities and activity monitor.

There you will see the CPU tab, and the usage will be expressed in %. A higher percentage means that the program uses the CPU more. Just find the processes you don’t need and the ones that use a lot of CPU and end them. You will notice an instant difference.

Keep in mind that each computer will have different processes here. You may want to check some of them online and see what they do. Importantly, system processes cannot be killed. 

Delete Old And Unwanted Apps

Your computer will have a lot of apps installed. How many of them do you actually use? Probably just a few. This means that you should remove the old ones, the ones you will not use. To start this process, you can go to Finder and then Applications. Here you will see all the apps installed.

Choose the date last opened on the right side. What this means is that you will see the apps that weren’t used for a long time first. Move them to the trash, and you are done. Repeat this as many times as needed and reset the computer. 

Get An SSD

If you want to make your mac super-fast or, better said, 10 times faster than today and none of the software tips have helped, you will need an SSD. This means that you will have to replace the hard drive your computer has now. Yes, you will have to remove the hard drive, install SSD, and reinstall Mac OS.

Once you are done, your computer will run much better immediately, and you can tell the difference. An SSD is a solid-state drive, so it works much faster than ordinary hard drives, and it is much more resilient as well. You can use it much longer. Yes, this is not a free thing you can do, but the difference will be massive.

Upgrade RAM Memory

The last thing we would recommend you do here is to upgrade your RAM memory. If your Mac has 2GB of ram, try adding 2GB more. This means that your computer will have 4GB. This will make an impressive difference, and you will have a computer that runs much better, is faster and more capable. It can keep more processes open at the same time, and all of this creates the feeling of smooth operation.

The Final Word

Why is my Mac so slow? It is getting old, and you need to do certain things in order to make it faster. These are simple things, and some are even free. But, if you try all of them combined, you will see how fast and usable your Mac is. These simple things can help you use your old Mac for a couple of years at least.