Can you believe that the average small business owner in America only spends about 1% of their revenue on marketing?

Marketing is the lifeblood of businesses of any size because it introduces new people to the products or services and it builds customer loyalty. Cutting expenses is wise, but you should never cut corners when it comes to spreading the word about your business.

Investing in digital marketing is often the best way to secure the highest returns since everyone is online. Keep reading this guide so you can have access to the latest SEO marketing tips that will take your business to the next level.

Invest in Backlinks

When it comes to innovative marketing, every business owner shouldn’t underestimate the value of having lots of backlinks. A backlink is when other websites post a link that refers their audience to your website.

The easiest and quickest way to accomplish this is to buy guest posts so other blogs will list your link in their popular content.

Start a YouTube Channel

One of the biggest SEO content trends right now is creating a YouTube channel. YouTube used to be a place where people posted things like makeup tutorials and cat videos, but now it’s become rich grounds for businesses to gain attention.

If you optimize your content, then you can show others that you’re an expert in your industry and entice them to try your goods or services.

Consider Going International

Some businesses are able to handle operating at an international level. If you’ve discovered that a lot of your traffic is coming from different countries, then it may be time to take the next step.

You should check out this resource so you can learn more about how the best SEO firm can help you nail your international marketing strategy.

Boost Your Keyword Game

The key to making killer content is to spend time researching the best keywords that are relevant to your brand. Not only do you need to choose your keywords with care, but you also need to monitor how well they perform.

If you notice that keywords aren’t doing well, then you should swap them out for something else that could fare better. If keywords are shining, then you can continue to include them in future marketing efforts.

Give Your Business Website a Makeover

Do you feel like people aren’t spending a lot of time browsing your business website? Your layout and speed may be to blame.

You should give your website a makeover to improve user experience. The end goal is to have a business that looks beautiful and is easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile versions.

Get Ready to Revolutionize Your Business With These SEO Marketing Tips

Although marketing can be a tricky beast to conquer, these SEO marketing tips will make your job simple. Soon enough you’ll be able to see a huge return on your investments.

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