Ever heard of a property solicitor? If you’re in need of one, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to break down the profession and give you everything you need to know. That way, you can find the right commercial property solicitor.

Keep reading for our must-know guide on what a commercial property solicitor does.

Property Transactions

Commercial property solicitors handle the legal aspects of buying and selling commercial properties. They review and draft contracts and negotiate terms and conditions.

Conveyancing solicitors can guide you through the entire property purchase and sale process. They help secure, manage, and transfer property for their clients. This ensures that the legal processes are completed in a timely fashion.

Assess the Property’s Legal Status

Solicitors conduct a thorough assessment of the property’s legal status, including

  • Investigating title deeds
  • Analyzing leases
  • Assess planning permissions

They will check the registration of any planning permissions for the property. They also assess environmental issues and any other relevant legal aspects. They will also provide the necessary advice about the property.

Lease Agreements

Solicitors assist clients in negotiating and drafting lease agreements for commercial properties. They ensure that the lease terms protect the client’s interests. They also follow legal requirements.

Additionally, they also address other important aspects, such as:

  • property rent
  • repairs
  • maintenance
  • service charges
  • termination clauses
  • lease renewals

They help the property owner reach an agreement that is agreeable to both parties.

Land Use and Planning

They advise clients on land use regulations and planning permissions. They help navigate through the complexities of obtaining necessary permits. They also help in getting approvals from local authorities.

They evaluate all current planning laws. This is to ensure that clients remain compliant with the law. They also provide advice on the most optimal use of land based on environmental requirements.

Landlord – Tenant Issues

A business solicitor assists both landlords and tenants in resolving disputes. They handle legal issues that may arise during the lease term. They give advice to landlords and tenants about their legal rights and responsibilities.

They can assist in the eviction process for landlords when necessary. Solicitors are an excellent resource when it comes to landlord-tenant issues.

Legal Compliance

They ensure that their clients comply with all relevant laws and regulations. This includes compliance with health and safety regulations. Also, environmental regulations and other legal obligations.

Solicitors may also be tasked with drawing up deeds and negotiating contracts. Also, representing a client in court should the need arise.

Hiring a Property Solicitor

A commercial solicitor can provide a range of services to their clients. They help clients buy and sell properties. They also help negotiate complex commercial leases.

A commercial property solicitor can ensure legal compliance with your business operations. They are essential in providing guidance and advice on legal and business matters. Contact one today to discuss your legal and financial needs.

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