Are you thinking about moving to North Dallas?

It might have been off your shortlist before, but Dallas has been a better place to call home. This area is gaining popularity partly because of its affordability and business friendliness. It is well-known for its strong school system, proximity to various amenities, and stunning scenery.

What is it like living in North Dallas? What should you know before you make your housing decision?

Keep reading for the top reasons to love living in North Dallas.

1. Affordable Cost of Living

North Dallas is a great place to call home due to its affordable cost of living and enough amenities. This area provides diverse housing options with stunning features at the Park Fountains at Preston Hollow.

Every budget and lifestyle have been considered when choosing an area in this thriving city. Home prices in Dallas are lower than the national average, making it a great place to buy a starter home or a luxury home.

2. Convenient Shopping and Dining Experiences

North Dallas is one of the best places to live for shopping and dining. There are famous shopping malls like North Park Center and The Galleria Dallas. The fantastic restaurants, from internationally inspired dishes to local favorites, are even better.

Plus, the variety lets you explore different cuisines, like Argentinian or Indian, in the city! Shopping here is also a delight, with various local, designer, and brand-name stores. No matter your price range, there’s something to suit your taste and budget.

3. High-Quality Education Options

Living in North Dallas has many reasons to love, especially regarding quality education. It is home to some of the country’s highest-performing public school districts. These include the Richardson Independent School and Plano Independent School District. These districts offer some of the best teaching staff and course options available.

Education is more than K-12 in North Dallas. Higher education, such as universities, colleges, and technical courses, also has a strong presence.

4. Great Job Opportunities

Living in North Dallas offers many job opportunities for people of all skill levels. From entry-level administrative positions to mid-level executives and high-level directors, job markets exist for anyone seeking employment. The largest employers in North Dallas are Walmart, Bank of America, and Texas Health Resources.

Other large employers include JC Penney, AT&T, and Verizon. Additionally, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to several world-renowned corporations.

The unemployment rate in the city is among the lowest, meaning the odds of securing a job here are improved. With competitive wages and exciting job prospects, North Dallas is a great place to live and work.

5. Superb Safety and Security

Living in North Dallas is incredibly safe and secure. This is due to the massive amount of funding invested in the city to combat all criminals and heighten public safety. Emergency response times to 911 calls are fast due to the massive police presence in the area.

The crime rate is low compared to many parts of the city, adding to the allure of living in the area. On top of these services, North Dallas is equipped with video surveillance systems in public places and stores. This can help deter crime and increase accountability.

Getting Started to Live in North Dallas Today

Living in North Dallas offers so many excellent reasons to love it. From great schools to convenient shopping, you can enjoy all the luxuries of the city while maintaining a peaceful way of life.

North Dallas is an excellent choice if you are looking for an exciting place to live!

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