Statistics show that the average American drinks twice as much between Thanksgiving and New Year as they do the rest of the year.

It’s hard to say no when the festive spirit is flowing and holiday cheer abounds, which makes staying sober especially hard for those who’ve just embarked on their journey to sobriety.

If you’re new to recovery and not sure how to resist temptation, here’s how to stay sober when the festive season rolls around.

Avoid Awkward Situations

Getting sober and staying that way isn’t easy at the best of times when you’re new to recovery, but it’s extremely difficult when you’re surrounded by merrymaking.

Try to limit your exposure to temptation by planning well ahead. Have an emergency exit plan for leaving if temptation becomes too much, and take a friend along for support during holiday parties.

Keep Your Glass Charged

Fill your glass with sparkling water or a soft drink as soon as you arrive at an event, and keep it that way. People are less likely to press drinks on you when your glass is full.

Having a glass in your hand will also help you avoid awkward questions about your sobriety or why you’re suddenly refusing their offer of alcohol.

Try Something New

Sign up for volunteer work during the festive season. Not only will this help you avoid temptation, but it will also do a lot for your state of mind.

It’s better to spend time helping others rather than listening to distant relatives pressuring you to find a better job, get married, or have children.

Potential hosts can hardly complain about you refusing their invitation in favor of charitable works, so this is the easiest way to avoid attending an event without offending anyone.

Practice Self Care

It’s vital to maintain your self-care routine regardless of the season. Keep up your exercise routine, practice meditation, and try to stick to your healthy eating plan.

Taking time to work on yourself helps boost your confidence and reminds you why you got sober in the first place.

Reach Out for Help Staying Sober

No matter which method you use to stay on the straight and narrow, there’s always help available if you are struggling.

You can attend an AA meeting in your area or call the AA hotline for support. If you’ve recently left a rehabilitation program, you can often find recovery support from these institutions, too.

Remember, trusted friends and family are your allies in the struggle against alcoholism, so ask them for support in your efforts to avoid a relapse.

Get the Help You Need

Staying sober is a full-time commitment, and many alcoholics find it hard to maintain their resolve as the year winds down. So, know that you are not alone in your struggles.

Many people are willing to support you at this difficult time. Things will get easier as you go along.

No matter which area of your life you need a little assistance with, we can help. Browse our blog for more of the best lifestyle advice.